Milwaukee, Wisconsin lyricist $uki is tired of the locals yapping, as he explained to Basement Made today. “Let’s just say if anyone saying they the best outside of Rebel Nxtion a damn lie,” he says. The intricate wordsmith has had about “Enough” of the chit chat (April 6, 2016).

Vertical on the beat. Bap with the feature. Check back for $uki’s trapdoor$ tape soon.

“I guess I could say I’m a diamond in the rough
Got bars like a prison, how I spit it, lock me up
Watch me hit it with precision, third eye vision, I’ma mutt
And to stack these commas to the ceiling is a must
Check, I’ve had about enough, look at…
Vibrations in the wave for what I say, boy get bodied any day
Hammurabi, I’m a Pharaoh in the temple where I stay
Where I lay, a vacant place, a darkest hole I fade away
Never fucked with anybody, my ambitions were too great”

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