ICE Borealis has changed his name a few times recently… He’s kept the Melancholy in the music, though (April 22, 2016). The ATM artist dropped the producer tag Xyz, and now cut the Borealis off the end, but I think Ian Christopher Evans has now found his lane with ICE.

Today, the vocalist and producer brings us “Thinking Bout You,” a record that he says is “inspired by dysfunctional relationships.” Though it may seem like it, ICE doesn’t really make music about particular people. He aims more for larger concepts that help explain his journey.

ICE puts beauty his misfortune. That’s cold. This might be my favorite cut from him so far. He explained to Basement Made last night :

“This isn’t┬ánecessarily about a specific person, its more like me combining all qualities of the people I’ve dated or seen in other relationships who acted wrong and writing about it. The song is about realizing that sometimes your feelings can get the best of you, especially when drunk. “Head still gone off that liquor so I’m thinking about you baby”. And because sometimes your emotions can control you, its hard to let go of a person who is detrimental to your happiness or well being. This song captures the moment of letting go of someone you love after realizing they are no good for you and dealing with the inner emotional conflicts.”

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