The East Coast emcee delivers a screwed “Purple Version” of the “North Boy” record in honor of the recently fallen legend Prince (April 22, 2016). “Purple is Prince’s color, Screw music is usually represented by the color purple in Hip Hop,” he says. “Very heavy influence on my childhood, RIP.” Find the original on Prince of Wolves. Lewis’ most recent project VIOLENCE is worth a listen too.

“I turned some trash shit into a bio
Put it in a vial, sip it, catch some feels
I can only see my breath, I be burning off the stress, I be in the field
Picture me falling down or falling off, had you wonder why that bitch called it off
I keep containers with the bangers filled
In the trunk, the essentials, I came to kill
Don’t get fucked off of mentions, I change the will
I keep mine after mine, got they flame revealed”

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