We’ve been waiting for Blizz McFly to hop back on the mic and kill it like he was a few years back. The skilled Milwaukee lyricist came out firing at the top of the year with “B E N J I”, “Back From Vacation” and “Bang Bang”. Here, he gets “Back2Business” on a spacey Derelle Rideout beat (April 26, 2016).

The hook and breakdown go hard as fuck. Blizz really vibes out on this Rideout beat. He also goes for the double time, but his flow gets slurred up. It’s either that Rideout’s beat is too fast or that the back tracks are overpowering the main. This makes his verses hard to understand. His writtens are intricate but we needa be able to hear the words clearly to fully appreciate.

SAFSCrew Young Daa directed the simple but effective video. Blizz McFly has set his upcoming project BLKGold for a May 13, 2016 release date.

“Young, young, young, back to back to…
All these niggas gimmicks, fraudulent appearance
Selling niggas garbage, y’all should be on clearance
Treat it like it’s church, if you sacrilegious
You gon get this work, run you outta business”

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