Milwaukee’s Rahn Harper pairs up with the traveling Mic Kellogg to craft the perfect “Morning” record (April 27, 2016). These two are bodying these new age R&B records. Smoove sounds all around. Both recently laced up nature-centric visuals –  “As of Late” and “By 3”.  Rahn will be dropping a record every two weeks for the entire Summer, starting…. today. Mic just got off a Midwest tour.

The chorus is in the same key as my recent morning sex record “Sushi & Eggs”. Madison emcee RED also went over the “Gasoline” record. Same wave length, from a couple other Wisconsin artists. Great minds think alike. HipHopDX premiered.

“Let’s stay up until it’s 2 in the morning
When we wake up, I’ll roll 2 in the morning
And I know you got school in the morning
But I know what you rather to do in the morning”

Here’s the recap of Mic Kellogg’s show at the Jazz Gallery stop in Milwaukee.

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