Mike Regal gets down on a funky “Business Man” record for his debut single off the Premoniitions album (May 6, 2016). He also gives lessons to those looking to level up, from his perspective as a Milwaukee, Wisconsin producer and emcee.

The rapper hits the Deb.On.Air beat with his old school flow. His verses are always classy and intricate. The artist advises others to pay attention to details, ask him for help, properly plan, educate, and don’t dwell on mistakes but learn from them. Good advice.

He lightens it up with a few other characters throughout the track, including Bob from “Rap-a-whole-lot Records” trying to get an interview, a lady friend, and several emcees asking for beats. Mike Regal has no time for these people.

Eyes Open for the Premoniitions album this Summer.

“I got no time waste, I’m a businessman
Plenty of moves I gotta make, I’m a businessman
Calendar marked up with dates, man I’m a businessman
Need only filet on my plate, cause I’m a business, man”

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