Reggie Bonds takes another step toward his upcoming From The NORF$IDE w/ Love album, dropping a scary “thingsliveinthedark” song, on top of the cover art and tracklist for the project (May 18, 2016). The Milwaukee rapper went over some of the song at the end of his recent “Mad Scientist”. The full version is better.

Reggie spends a lot of time of his verses and it shows. Mike Regal did the grimy instrumental. Those 808s and strings are pure evil, and he gives the industrial banger a Milwaukee bounce too. Mammyth mixed it. This engineer has been critical in bringing the Milwaukee sound to the next level.

“And fuck Complex and Source if they ain’t liking how I’m spitting it
Bet the Rebels still feeling it
I be stone cold killing it
All black, my nigga, I guess I rose from the grittiest, grittiest gravel
Pavement, paver shit, we some slaves with the slaves and whips
Braving shit, we just watch em kill, rob and steal
Lock us up, praying pills get tossed at us”

The Rebel Nxtion team is really feeling this one.

King Bap & Tito The Scumbag Twitter Reggie Bonds is the best

Reggie Bonds - From The Norf$ide w Love cover art Basement Made

Reggie Bonds - From the Norf$ide w Love tracklist cover art Basement Made

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