Ty$o $upreme is doing business like Jay-Z – calm, collected and finely tailored (May 21, 2016). His group Nefilibata stays cooled out, flexing and finessing over elevated instrumentals like this one from Stimp-C. They’ve been plotting on the low too. Ty$o is diving head first in his solo career, as he explained to Basement Made today. He says that this “Like I’m JIGGA” record one of his first songs, along with “Red Rover” and “Rollin’ Stoned” on the tape, that has gone in a more personal direction.

“Never forget where you came from. You could come from the bottom, and like the chorus says, “Like I’m JIGGA”, you can be be like Jigga and rise to the top. You just gotta have that drive, that ambition, that want, that business state of mind. But you also have that humbleness, you have to be able to cut people off, when need be. You know? Like when he cut Dame Dash off, and then I say, “I’m the swiftest with the clippers.” You know what I’m saying? I try to reference as much as I can to a resemblance Jay-Z… even though I don’t feel like I resemble Jay-Z, I mean, that man is a mastermind… I feel like my business state in mind, my work ethic, my ambition – especially Cleo’s, with everything that he does – we have that Jigga mindset.

The sounds inspired the record. “The beat just caught me, automatically,” he says. “I’m from Southern Missouri, so I get a little bit of that down South feel.” Ty$o keeps the vibe and melody from down South but he has a Wisco cold flow. “I’ve been working with Cleo Fox since I was a freshman in high school, cause we went to high school together,” he says. Ty$o also linked with Dru later on in his high school career, but didn’t start to take music “seriously” until December 2015 – when Nefelibata recruited Cleo as a manager. “We’ve been running with it since then,” he says. “All of the music that we drop is engineered by him. I’m the Biggie to the Diddy”. All respect to The Notorious B.I.G. on his birthday.

Find “Like I’m Jigga” on Cleo Fox’s upcoming Tomorrow Is Today EP. “We’re not worried about the results, we’re worried about the grind,” he told Basement Made yesterday regarding the drop. The Emcee-Engineer-Manager took years to develop his sound and he’s ready to show the world on June 1, 2016. Look out for that exclusive soon. Also see his previous “Golden” piece.

“I can’t trust these niggas, I’m the swiftest with the clippers
Put my niggas on til every night is lobster dinner
Momma told me, ‘boy stay outta trouble, don’t you slip up’
Just to hit the block n throw the rock up like I’m Jigga”

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