Zarin Michael is a savage on these grimed out tribal beats. FUCK YOU (May 21, 2016). His complex sound is the future. He reminds me of Wave Chapelle or Big Sean at times. The Kansas City, Missouri native has a similar Midwest bounce and energy in his flow, but he’s also a vicious conscious lyricist, and there are few who could do this. The emcee spoke with Basement Made earlier today.

“I called it the Fuck You EP because I feel like I don’t get the respect I deserve as an artist. So that could be directed towards anyone, if you don’t listen to this and consider me the best at what I’m doing, then fuck you legitimately.”

In-house producer Alexander Preston and Toronto’s Bijan Amir handle the beats. “Off The Boat” x “God” x “Blackface” are nuts. The intense mix of old and new, samples and original production on FUCK YOU will get you hyped.

“Honestly, these are songs that didn’t just make the album. And it’s crazy because I don’t consider them throwaways, I still think of them as classic songs. They are so good but everyday I improve and just want better and more out of myself.”

As EDM becomes more incorporated into the cold and serious Midwest scene, we’ll get more of this grime on the opposite end of the spectrum as the uplifting Chance The Rappers and Kanye Wests – who use the poppier synths and brighter Jazz sounds. Zarin Michael is innovating and he has plenty to say. Sinner Of Attention – the album – coming soon.

“The young prince, got my hand on this game, like it’s apple and thumbprints
Penitentiary changing the niggas you run with, they making you say their names, if you doing some dumb shit
I only love one bitch, but that change so fast, niggas need they ass whipped, like I’m Django dad
Flip scripts, big bricks, Cocaine don’t last, I probably break a nigga arm and re-arrange your dab”

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