Vincent VanGREAT and Blizz McFly of SAFS Crew throw it back to the 90s on the Fresh Prince-inspired record “Bel-Air” (May 16, 2016). The two emcees trade verses filled with style markers and jabs at opposition over a jiggy sample.

It’s a good break from the common sounds of today. “Bel Air” is the second single off VanGREAT’s upcoming self-produced album UnGREATful. The artist spoke to Basement Made earlier today.

“‘Fresh Prince’ is my all time favorite show man. Had a heavy influence on my life, from music, fashion, hell even talking to girls. Since I started making beats I’ve always wanted to sample that scene from the very first episode. This record Bel-Air let’s you into my mind and now you can hear what I was hearing.”

Blizz McFly on the verse:

“As they do the masses, I school your classes, abusing classics
In the booth, I splash shit, you a star, I prove you Patrick”

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