Domi Lee and A. Wash are taking Hip Hop to another level for the beautiful independent ladies of Madison, Wisconsin. The singer and director are on their A game in the “Used To” visual, showing off just how talented both of these artists are.

A. Wash gives us a story in the video. Domi Lee calls out to a past lover, while she gets ready to go out. She reminds me of Keri Hilson, how she can make sexy seem innocent. She really pops in the “Used To” visual. The director brings out the beauty of Domi Lee’s and her music, which can be hard to find with a director. I like how A. Wash brings in shots of the Mariachi player.

I’d love to see more male-female collaborations happening too. Domi brought us “The Curve” with Chaos NewMoney on March 8, which turned out real smooth. The emcee has been an “influential” person for the singer through the process, as she recently explained to Basement Made. Notice that’s Chaos on the phone at the jump, as she lays in bed in her AFGM shirt. “I used to be with Get Rich,” she says.

Domi Lee has been chopping it up with some of the city’s biggest names but she has a sound of her own. Check back for The Soul Room project from Domi. She plans to drop in July. Keep your eyes open for our in-depth BADDIES feature on the young artist too.

“You was playing games, I was repping in the stants
You gon lose your spot player, why you flexing for your fans?
You a front nigga
When you leave, please take your heart with ya
Yea, I mean ya played your part didn’t ya?
And you played it so well…”

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