CamB tells us to chill out – “Everything’s Cool”. Tonight, the hardworking emcee delivers another story and gorgeous motivational record to match. I feel like I’m blasting off when I listen to this.

“I wrote the song around a time where a lot was going on,” he recently told Basement Made. “I was working a factory job I hated and I had just found out my girlfriend was pregnant, I was debating school.” I love it when an artist can tell me what the record really means to them and what inspires the message. CamB is all about that.

He’s got it too. “I wrote the song motivating myself telling myself everything was cool,” he says. Now he’s doing better and I’m starting to like his music for the smooth jive that he can so easily create. The Milwaukee artist creates a bounce and energy underneath the serious message with strategic flows and melodies. He’s a songwriter. Vikaden on the beat, who also did “Run It Up”.

Go listen to CamB’s other music after this. He’s been dropping recently and plans to release the Ain’t-I-Social joint this summer.

“Don’t let em tell ya different baby
I’m that nigga
I’ve been grinding lately, just been counting figures
I’ve been chilling
Tell em, everything cool right now
I said, everything good right now”

Posted by HipHopDX on June 7. Also posted by Daily Chiefers.

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