3rd hits hard on the “Too Deep” sample from OVO Sound’s DVSN (June 10, 2016). This shiny “Chandelier” record might even the group’s most lyrical masterpiece to date. Their mellow vibes go right along with the Canadian R&B team. The Wisco natives speak to their recent grind and efforts with a light touch. See their last project Just Lust for more toned town, pensive records like this one.

“They tripping on a vision
I know they can’t be blind, they seeing through rose glasses
Seeing what I’m sharing, they scrolling through right past it
I’m opening up a lane, how I know they won’t pass it
Man, niggas so greedy
Always got a pocket for us, still acting like they needy
I’ma give it anyway, cause the pastor said they need it
If I pass you from the left, don’t pass again I’m pacing”

Premiered by These Days.

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