I just won my 3rd MAMA! Anthony Lamarr recruited me for the “Breathe” record right before I left last year, and now we’re rewarded with a Madison Area Music Association award – “Hip Hop Song of the Year” – for the meaningful collaboration (June 19, 2016).

Anthony Lamarr continues to lead by example, showing those in Madison, Wisconsin how to put together a symphonic, original concept record with a socially progressive purpose. Listen to what these artists are saying. Anthony also won “Pop/R&B Song of the Year”. Listen to his full Declaration album, and then play our 2013 contribution “Elevation”.

I’m all about moving forward, so I had to snap on the verse one time for Tony Robinson, the good folks of Madison, Wisconsin, and for everyone who feels like they “can’t breathe” right now. This is great for Madison Hip Hop. Not a soul can touch my flow, and I’m not sorry about that. I’ve been through Hell on Earth and music has been my gateway to the light. Never stop creating.

“I could go on and on but listen, for real life intervention
You actually need to get off your Mac and take action
Bleed red, blue – but why the vanity?
We need more unity, love, uplift in communities
Give the peace to them and scream, “Impunity”
A class action – ya thata work beautifully
We need minds to meet workers musically
We need more power to us, we need to align our urges
Put the cursive to aversive, we need creators charged with purpose”

Find the complete list of 2016 MAMA Awards winners here.


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