Crime rates go up in the Summer in many of our cities. The weather permits activity 24 hours a day and the high temperatures heat the people up. Since we have extreme weather changes in The Midwest, this phenomenon is particularly noticeable, but it happens all over.

Most of us love the warmth and look forward to the Summer months. There are more opportunities to enjoy oneself outside, but the pettiness gets amplified too. I feel like we’re trying to get to where we’re going as fast as possible, since it’s so uncomfortable outside, and anyone in our path is an annoyance.

The winter would have us the same way, but when it’s below freezing – down to double digit below zero temperatures – you’re in survival mode, not thinking about conquering anything but the cold. Whether it’s for the money, the women in their virtually non-existant clothing, the boos or other refreshments, A/C or whatever else, we don’t have time for bullshit in the Summer.

Remember to enjoy it. In Wisco, we get Summer weather for about 3 months of the year. EVERYONE is outside. If you say there’s nothing to do in Wisconsin, you’re uneducated. We are the kings of doing. We’ll party for any reason at all. We amass in huge numbers for education, athletics, music and politics.

Someone even made up the term FIB (Fucking Illinois Bastard) to describe our wealthy neighbors that travel to and build luxury homes in our beautiful state for its recreational qualities. So hit the block, the strip, the cut – whatever your preference may be. Go to the water or wood, work on a project or relax, or least eat outside every once in a while… Bottom line – get off your ass.

Some of my favorite warm weather activities are hooping, disc golfing, writing music and performing in exquisite or hard to reach places, taking photo and video, fishing, fucking, dancing, hiking, swimming, playing cards, turning up on boats, grilling and going on trips.

Sometimes I go on runs just to feel the sun glistening off of my breathtaking abdominals. I appreciate Mother Nature for her warmth in the Summer, and the life and prosperity that she brings along with it. I aim to be my greatest when the sun shines the brightest.

In Wisconsin, the sun comes out in late April and heats up to 80+ by June. We almost always hit the 100 mark in August. The humidity is fucking brutal. It’ll be 80% or higher humidity more often than you’d like. Ya damn near have to swim through it, it’s so heavy. Get used to being sticky, torrential downpour and tornado warnings.

Here in LA, we just had 2 back-to-back 105 days in June. The sun is different, as they say. This is a city built on a desert. Out West, the air is dry and usually carries less than 10% humidity. It rains a small amount every few months. With all the concrete and exhaust in LA, no wind and no clouds – there’s no ducking the rays either. The sun burns all the water outta the city like an oven at full power.

The point is that I’ve seen 2 of the most extreme Summer climates in the US, and I’m still the coolest man around. I don’t lose my shit over the small things, and I’m always making moves. I’m not giving foul looks, throwing shade and getting in fights in my free time. Find me exploring the Earth with a bad bitch off a fat spliff, writing woke ass verses and achieving seemingly impossible things for the socioeconomic status I was born into. I’m the weatherman, and you can too.

“Put your guns down and hands up
Get your 1’s out, 5, 10 and 20
Shit a pop off quick, and you’ll see it coming
When you’re the one collecting the money”


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