Ted Park shows love to the ladies in his life, “I Know” (July 11, 2016). This upbeat club joint is directed at a particular love interest – who has been going through the mud as of late. Ted delivers an uplifting message through his music and personal life. He’s also largely inspired by his mother.

We chopped it up the other day. The Madison, Wisconsin raised artist had just linked with Republic Records and was lit to be politicing with them. Labels have largely ignored Wisco artists until recently, but Ted is one of the strong ones to push through. I’ve seen it all happen. This is HUGE for not only his own career, but his family, city, state.

“Going back to the homeland in May re-inspired and re-motivated me to make better music and most importantly be myself. In Madison and NYC, I’ve built a rep and a platform where I have an expectation to fill and a standard to hold that sometimes makes me feel like i have to push to meet the expectations and opinions of others. Going back home to Seoul, being around family who love me and support me for who I am, let me get back into creating freely and understanding that my best material is the material I want to truly make.. Back at it now making what I want and its deadly”

Ted is redoing most of his The Kid Is The Man EP and changing the name to sumn a little more in line with his recent experiences. He’s working hard on his craft and putting on for the ones that have been there for him over the course. Mantra did this beat. Bless up.

“Feeling good, I’m so wavy, got a foreign bitch on me
You said, I’m gon learn tonight by mixing you and Hennessy”

Later posted to HipHopDX. Find a couple pics of Ted below – one of the artist and his manager at Republic Records, and another of him and his mother.

Ted Park links with Republic Records Basement Made


Spending my 1st mothers day with my mom in the hospital really made me understand how much my mom means to me and how great full I am to have someone in my life who cares about me so much Whether I was going astray and doing wrong, or doing great things in my life right now, my moms unconditional love and care never changed I never appreciated the rules of the house through middle and highschool . I never understood while all my friends had it so loose and my mom would constantly be on my back Now I understand it was all from the most love and care towards her son a mother can give. Even going fighting the mental illness my mom has, never has she stopped fighting for me and never has she given up on me. And I refuse to give up in what I strive for and believe in and fight for my mom. Through all the fuss and fights, through all the ups and downs, we must show the upmost respect and love to our mothers. Because they have always done that for us, from the jump Happy mothers day mommy , you are my everything .

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