3rd Dimension speaks out against the “Superficial” (July 13, 2016). For those that don’t know, superficial is everything disingenuous. Whether it’s lying, betraying, passive aggression or materialism, this 5-man team says they’re anti.

The hook goes crazy on this. It just keeps moving. Producer-emcee Burn$ampson lays a long verse at the beginning to get the point across, and then everyone else comes diving in here n there to round out the flows. The mix sounds clean too. They’ve been going hard this year, with “Stain”, “Chandelier” and “Bands” so far. I can’t wait to see what’s next for the 608 unit.

“You niggas don’t scratch the surface, that’s the issue
You niggas so superficial
You ain’t really with real, like you say you is
That’s the problem, your shit is just not official
And you can’t bite our style cause we hella different
We be mobbing, got problems, then speak up on em
Might have to fuck round, pull up on ya
That’s what real niggas do when they really on sumn”

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