Maajei Vu, Good People producer and vocalist, says you “Better Love Me Now” (July 13, 2016). The young gun is highly talented and progressing at a fast rate. You can always expect something club-ready. His lyrics are leveled up on this one, and around 1:54, he breaks the record down into a vibey little section to run it out.

When Maajei Vu sings, he kinda sounds like Bryson Tiller, who took off last year – and has had a big influence on many young artists. If ya like dat, you’ll like dis. The R&B style employs energetic trap drums, heavy 808s and smooth, reverbed synths. Business is good. He told Basement Made yesterday that he’d sold all but 1 beat off ULTRA LIGHT PARADISE.

“Girl, let’s be honest, you know that’s beyond it
Releasing all your feelings, you ain’t gotta be so conscious
Pull up to the function, and we barely functioning
We working on ourselves and we ain’t gotta have none of them”

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