3rd Dimension steps it up on their latest project (September 28, 2016). The team brings new flows, complex wordplay and big beats on the LIMITS LP. It’s music for cooling or getting dumb. 3rd is multi-dimensional.

We value hard work and education in The Midwest. 3rd gives us a strong look at some of the smartest and most talented young Black men in Wisconsin. The squad also grabs DDBeatz, Supa Bwe and Ted Park for collabs – who all impress.

All parts of the team are developing their personal sound within the team. Now, they’re mixing up the artist arrangement and creating movie size hooks – changing out some of the hardhitting verses with cool R&B sections and healthily mixed choruses to craft one-of-a-kind records.

The group just dropped the Things Have Changed joint and the Valentine’s Day Just Lust EP, but they’re always working. 3rd Dimension has no LIMITS.

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