Baby Shel is ready. The Native artist of Red Lake, Minnesota has a killer flow and he’s bringing his community, and all of Da Nort together. He made this in one day. It’s been the same ole same ole and he agrees that real change is coming. We see you Shel. Raw flow. Regarding the project, the artist says:

“Just something quick. Like a drive thru. For my listeners waiting on some full songs I got coming. I’m sitting on a bunch of work right now.”

The first n last tracks are our favorites. Shel has that Midwest Chopper agility. On the last record, the emcee goes:

“Made it out the mud, with my day ones, stacking
Risk it for the bucks, live it up, make it happen
I’m a Comma Comma Kamikaze…”

Prod. TZ1. Check out his last tape too.

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