Jeremiah Phillips is creating some of the funniest, most relatable skits out there. The man can rib. His character is always on some bullshit – often a Chicago, Illinois influenced style. His friend is always so friendly and logical too. The back and forth is hilarious.

Jeremiah draws out the humor in Da Nort, and I’m sure many will be inspired to do the same after watching these videos. This artist is one of a kind, though. Take a few minutes to laugh it off. Then make sure to keep up on what this guy has coming next.

My personal favorite. The comedian is really trying to get his new fit noticed.

Jeremiah: Huh, what time is it?
Friend: Bro, I ain’t ask you the time.

His way of calling off for work. Oh, gramma…

On that dude that comes outta nowhere when he smells the weed… and extra.