Bobby Raps is experimenting in 2017. He’s been doing shows, but the St. Paul, Minnesota artist has gotten away from the R&B-Folk type of music he was doing, and is now going more in a Hip Hop-Rock direction.

Today’s “Purgatory” joint is awesome. Bobby speaks out against the demons, and fallout, of the pill popping epidemic – of The North. The trend is destructive, but it has created beautiful music from the ashes. It is definitely about time we spoke out with clear minds. RIP to all who have fallen victim. Do what you want… but be smart. Like this.

“I see the devil hidden in these capsules
They be hiding in plain sight, and suffering by acting natural
Headed down a path of self-destruction, but I could not follow
Now I’m shadow boxing with my conscience, while my soul gets swallowed
Had a hard time letting go
But I can’t worry about the things that I can’t control
No, lead this life, it wasn’t noble
Only hope, was stay a hopeful”

He’s got the Future flow going on “Desensitized”. Plenty of autotune still, but dope, regardless. Hype. Different. Bobby Raps has seen some shit and he’s numb to what’s going on.