A couple weeks ago, Wave Chapelle and Maajei Vu – of Good People – cooked up another “Audible” banger juiced with that OVO Sound, giving us more of that wave, in the North, for houseparties and powerful subs. This is that money-squad-city-girlfriend-stealing type of joint. Wave’s flow at this part is dope.

“Cam Newton, when I’m calling the audible
Boy, you not on my level
I swear, it’s not even arguable
Your girl threw it, I called her too
This that Weezy, that Carter 2
Momma said I gotta kill em
This ain’t something I wanna do

Then a few days ago, Wave returns with “Foreal” – with an even more energized banger about how “They” didn’t find success legitimately. Wave is motivated, mad, and looking to stiff arm the “Haters”. Earl Hood on the beat.

“Got it popping for my state
How you doing, me I’m great
I done got it, and they don’t
Me I can, when they cain’t
And I am what they ain’t
That’s the way
That’s the way
Put in work, 24/7
They… every day
We don’t know nothing bout that
That don’t got nothing to do with us
He don’t got nothing to do with us
It ain’t nothing, they can do with us
Take your girl, teach what I do to her
Boss her up, change her mindset
I just turned into Beyoncé
Yea, now she know”

Wave also put out a track with a similar vibe called “Authentic”, and a Future-like record called “Don’t See Em” – a few months ago.

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