Many people, including myself, get satisfaction from making others smile and laugh. This can be for many reasons, but I know it’s at least a part of my personality. I know there are times for serious, and times for jokes. Feel it out, or “Play the Room”, as they say. Learn the difference between Passive Aggression and Sarcasm. The first is toxic, the second is fine sometimes. Definitely not all the time. That’s a baseless platform. A big part of Midwest Culture is knowing the balance between Work and Play, having the Street and Book smarts to be able to switch back and forth with ease. Maintaining this is critical. I don’t care what names they call me, because I already know I’m seen as Goofy, Corny, Cheesy and Funny, along with the racist and classist shit, to a lot of people regardless. This wasn’t our doing we can’t really take the blame for that. We do need to recognize it, though. Those are cheap laughs aka the status quo. I don’t know if actual Comedy is in my future, but I do like to tell jokes, and I like doing it. You have to be smart to be able to make people laugh. That or foolish. I know I say this a lot but… learn to laugh at yourself. No one should have to do it to the extent that I’ve had to – but the petty shit, the extra, the melodramatic – needs to go. It don’t belong. These people needa get their pitted heads-on-sticks outta their asses and get back to work.

Read more on it in my recently published book Why Wisconsin Voted For Donald Trump: The Coastie Privilege. Bless.

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