Amerikas Addiction is one of America’s best Hip Hop duos, if not the best? For a “Prelude”, this is nuts. Just play it through. This upcoming project will be worth the hype. The DWYD team out of Cream City, Wisconsin, goes from slime to butter – track to track – field to the bedroom. Life shit. Lessons.

The first joint “Anything” with Rob Hicks is top position for a reason. This unit is saying a lot. Listen.

Amerikas Addiction:

“Bitch I’m in the city
My niggas with me
And we got the blicky
If you feeling itchy
Don’t care about status
Just gimme the cabbage
My niggas is savage
Y’all niggas so average”

Rob Hicks:

“It’s real in the field, better lace up your cleats
They not saying anything, talk is so cheap
They not saying anything, talk is so cheap
I said that shit twice, so you get what I mean
I just got a pole with a scope and a beam
You fuck with my kids, and I click at yo bean
The money don’t make you
The good it don’t make you
I promise that I won’t do anything they do
The low for my plug, if I owe you I pay you
Them boys in the hood just might load up and spray”

The “Goin” record also has much juice. The slowed down R&B “YOU” joint is smooth too.

“Been shitting on niggas since Middle School
My niggas don’t do no subliminals”

Amerikas Addiction has a gang of producers on here. Beat selection is critical now a days. They’re selective.