Sall love from Lil Durk. The young artist says in the intro to the first record, that he wants to “Talk to the Real”. Durk is from the struggle, and he keeps a strong voice throughout the whole project. Listen to the Chicago, Illinois lyricist tell his story, like he never has before. Detailed accounts. This is a Renaissance.

Durk comes out hot, and then keeps that same fire throughout – only on different topics. This is a smart album, and a telling project from the young artist. Durk is putting in work, getting through all the mess, and there’s a lot more where this came from. This is some quality Chicago, Illinois Hip Hop. The City. True North Culture. On “No Choice”, the emcee goes:

“You can’t relate to my music
I don’t want your credit
Left my city, I went to yours, cause I gotta get it
I’m a savage, with a fashion , this is not a gimmick
I come from low income, I told em I’m a menace”