Boldy James puts his foot down on all the foolies out there taking up space. He’s playing with em. Boldy goes at a stereotype on each joint. This is light, from the Detroit hustler. This is Renaissance North. The “How to Hustle”, “A Couple”, “Do It”, and maybe, and probably, “Hit It”, are forever slappers from the young king and soon to be Hip Hop mogul.

“Ball so hard, got a charlie horse
On my Charlie Hustle
With the E-40s, in the heart of Detroit
Fina shoot em out to a Hick town down…
Ducking the alphabet boys and the multiple choice
Ay he got them joints, but my brodie want a couple”

Video for “Do It” :

Mass Appeal Records. Also see the recent The Art of Rock Climbing from the lyricist.

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