UPDATE (July 11): Amerikas Addiction dropped the Four EP and While You Were Sleeping album, Helios H. the Admiration is Temporary EP, and Bobby Raps – Mark.

We are in full motion, of what is the “Midwest Renaissance”. We are speaking out against the Coasties in Government and Media. The artists are taking off, or turning way down, the autotune and play adds. They’re penning like never before. This is inspiring shit right here, and it’s happening online… who’d a thought? We’re showing that we are the kings. We are the leaders, grinders, and survivors. Show love to your neighbors. Go get your money, but use it to help the community, not hurt it. What are we about? Well, read this book. The Coastie Privilege is about Wisconsin and Donald Trump, but also you, him, her, me – us. The North will rise from this national mess with the recognition and prosperity that we earn daily. We are strong. This new knowledge and push will bring us to the forefront – forever. And we will do it different, as we always have, only this time, they will not fuck up our message. Love. Family. Friends. Work. Respect. Community. Celebration. These are just a few of our tenants, but we stick to these.

Hip Hop, as we know it, will also be reborn. Since the Inauguration Day, and my shit, we’ve seen records and projects from those including Drake, who dropped one of the coldest projects of his career with More Life, if not the most frigid, while Big Sean, the Detroit player, continues to top industry emcees with his hard hitting but uplifting flow on I Decided, and also features a critical verse from the legendary Eminem – who goes at the Canadian Drake. Also in Detroit, Boldy James takes out every rapper stereotype with ease on House of Blues, Helios Hussain hits em tough with Chuck Inglish, and Cardo of Minnesota, critique the industry with crushing blows, while Icewear Vezzo preps a project, and features Gucci Mane on a big record, 3rd Dimension notices that it’s all “Look At Me” – now, Saba and Cory Grindberg deliver a proud Westside Chicago flow on top of a Hip Hop-EDM mix, Martin $ky tells a story through his instrumentals, Aced Spade gets the “PVO” sound lit, Smino sprinkles the natural St. Louis flavor, Jeremiah Phillips has the jokes, Monte Booker the new high-energy sound, Lil Durk gives Love Songs For The Streets, Amerikas Addiction shows the range on a couple EP’s and an album, Lil Chief has the bars for Wisconsin, Devon Alexander a heartfelt Rock-Hip Hop blend, Tyso SPREME and King Bap bring it out for Milwaukee, Eric Bitoy has the footwork and the beats, Bobby Raps speaks out against addiction in a new massive form, G Herbo tells us what’s “Real”, JMSN has been “Drinking'” and singing the Blues, Mic Kellogg sings loud for a new foundation, Mick Jenkins for the love of our ladies, with THEMpeople, Navarro and CAMEone give the “Mexican Connect” from The City, Brother Ali drops knowledge on God and family from Minneapolis, and Baby Shel, a Native Emcee, provides a new perspective. This is our time. North.

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