Helios H. causes wreckage to the industry and their culture on Religion & Hennessy. The top “Hide & Seek” record is savage. Then Helios goes over a “Yonkers” like beat on the title track, delivering some more truth to the fantasy rappers. The “Sunday Service” holds the bars. Last, Cardo laced a super funky, Jazz masterpiece for the “Life Lessons” joint. Helios also did a couple of the beats, and his city compatriot Chuck Inglish – another. A1. North.

“I made this shit for niggas who wear wife beaters and timbs
On their way to court, n split swishers with their nails
The back of the durag tied, rapping when they pissing
The drums on this bitch make you wanna rock a fitted
Everybody think it’s cool to freestyle all their verses
You would think I’m uneducated but we learning
Sounding all the same, their career is a remix
I’d rather pay imaginary friends for a feature
Decepticon, double entendre, I’m awesome
Barking like a Smack battle rapper without a sponsor
Fuck a song, I write poems, this is a mantra
Ain’t no competition, I’m at war with my conscience”

The artist offers a summary for the project:

“Helios Returns With “Religion & Hennessy”, A Dense Introspective Collection Of Songwriting, Topics Of God, Society, and The Ghetto. Complimented By Aggressive Drums & Jazz Melodies, By Him, Chuck Inglish & Cardo Got Wings, Religion & Hennessy Combines Ideas Of Fear And Bravery Into A Unique Piece.”

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