Big Sean is at his best. The worldwide artist has his own massive sound now, his verses are straight fire all the way through, and each record speaks to a different part of his life. It’s a story. But not just that, this artist is smart. Production covers the full spectrum of emotions. He’s a genius. Big Sean is “underrated” to say the least. That’s Detroit, Michigan right der. North country. Forward.

“Bounce Back” is the comeback anthem. Em features a crazy verse on “No Favors”, destroying Drake, among others, in the process. They both snap on the industry in half, or in several pieces, on that one. Eminem is back. The Don smacked the shit outta that beat too. GOOD Music and Shady Records. “Moves” might be our favorite, but “Halfway off the Balcony”, “Voice In My Head/Stick To The Plan” and “Sacrifices” are right up there too. The last record, “Bigger Than Me”, even sounds like mine a little bit. It’s an awesome record, with a great message at the end. Flint Chozen Choir and Starrah feature. Sean goes:

“I don’t know why I always imagined myself, as like, someone who failed at everything he ever did at life. You know? And then I got to the end of life and just regretted it all, and somehow, this is my chance to go back and get it all right. And when I wake up, with that mindset, you know, it completely changes my hunger, how I approach the whole day. And if you decide to live your life like that then, then I guarantee we a live life to our best potential. Period.”

Watch a couple visuals here.

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