Mick Jenkins is not “Pressed for time, at all”. The young standout Chicago, Illinois artist gives his lady room to figure out what she wants, and steps to the enemy when they come near. A love song for those men looking to take care of their women, even when she’s going through it. Goldlink, a well known artist from the DMV area, features.

“I know what my mind
You open my mind
It really makes me no different, if you don’t open your legs
More interested in more introspective conversation, instead
Been ahead, of most niggas my age for quite some time now
Don’t let me find out, that you questioning a nigga, at all
I’m stepping to you muthafucka, cat call
If ever in distress, I’ll peep your SOS, like bat calls”

Instrumental courtesy of Monte Booker & THEMpeople. For more from the love thirsty Mick, see The Healing Component from last year.

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