Detroit’s Helios H. is already back with another project. This time, the savage lyricist delivers a full album of laid back G-Funk anthems. He shows plenty of love to the late great Nate Dogg, of Mississippi, who moved to the West Coast when he was 14. Nate Dogg then linked up with the LBC crew, and made it big, expanding that sound out to a whole new audience – working with Snoop, Em and 50 plenty too. Chuck Inglish features on “Daytons”.

“We got it nigga, what you need?”

Also see the Religion & Hennessy project from the artist.


One thought on “Helios Hussain Gives Us A G-Funk “Friday”

  1. Robbie Glenn 5 years ago

    I love it bro I’m happy you kept pushing get with me