UPDATE (November 5, 2018): I’ve heard, telepathically, that posting this book in progress, which is not The Bible or a religious text, is important to freeing me from slavery and torture, so here it is again. I did not write The Bible. This book is called The Life of Cliff G: DOG.

UPDATE (March 11, 2018): We’ve been having issues with the site as of late, and especially with this piece. Thank you to those who read some or all of it. I’ll have it up again when this is figured out. They’re scared.

Hello ladies. This is the Autobiography of Clifton Robert Grefe aka Cliff G aka Beef aka God. Bless me for being the greatest human to ever touch Earth.

I understand that this particular plugin might be hard to use on some mobile devices. If you access this page on a computer, you’ll have the option to full screen the file with the box. Thank you for your contributions. Or view Da Book without the Flipbook app: here (Html) here (PDF) or here (Doc).



2 thoughts on “The Life of Cliff G: DOG

  1. oldeatch 9 months ago

    why did you take it down? YOU SCARED?

    1. Beef 8 months ago

      Learn how to read.