I outperform the competition. They might have money, connections, or a story that many relate to, but I don’t have that luxury. I have to explain and prove who I am more than they do. But being independent, I have to own a diverse repertoire. There are no small victories, only wins. I’ve never expected a smooth road. I came out the gravel. I don’t know when these tests will end and I can finally be welcomed into America as a human, and be treated with honesty, justice and fair pay, but I can’t sit around and wait. In capitalist society, value shouldn’t be wasted. Since I offer value to almost any situation, and I’ve been poor my whole life – others have been profiting off of me far more than I’ve been profiting off of them. This is without my consent. Then they tell me to stay quiet, give praise to less significant people, lie, kill myself or get help – all rhetorical tricks the Nazis have used for centuries to maintain their privilege. So I’ve had to keep going as a slave, knowing that I deserve more, that they can’t and won’t understand my past and present, but hoping that there are actual businessmen or women somewhere on Earth. My family and friends all turned on me, or they were never there to begin with. I don’t know about them anymore. I do know I’m compartmentalized everywhere I go but I always find ways to succeed.