I had to finesse my way into many different spaces to survive over the years. It takes adaptability to get through. You shouldn’t have to be a liar or passive aggressor to be a finesser. You do have be educated, though. Sometimes, ya gotta get dirty. Having finesse doesn’t mean you don’t have the toughness. You can be loud as fuck – annoying – and still be swimming in finesse. One’s way of framing their life to others will almost never be the same as another’s. We can be sure though, in America, that most people over the age of 18 will be putting some sort of resume out there. For some, it’s Instagram pictures and a LinkedIn profile. For others, it’s Facebook posts and Youtube comments. I’m an anomaly among Americans because I’ve had to work much longer, harder and smarter than most to see any opportunity. But when I do get a shot, it’s all net.

All I hit is net
I’m on the edge
And I don’t mean to hold my head
I got the legs
I don’t need to catch my breath
They want me dead
I don’t know what’s coming next
But I finesse”

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