For at least 20 years of slander and torture. How do I sue the torturous family I grew up in, my old neighbors? How do I sue the federal and state government for invading my privacy, and invading my body and mind with drugs, harmful airwaves and electromagnetic charges? How do I sue America for misleading me with the idea of capitalism and democracy. Finding success in America has nothing at all to do with hard work or education for those with money. I have not been permitted to enter the workforce, though I have forced my way in. How do I sue corporate America for discriminating against someone more qualified and intelligent than those they’re hiring? So how do I sue America for changing legal text when it comes to me? How do I sue the police for the countless years of harassment and beatdowns? How do I sue Hip Hop for being a complete scam – for false advertisement and representation – and for stealing my concepts, lyrics, melodies, flows and hooks? How do I sue all of you for publishing all of that libel on social media. How do I sue Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Google and all the big platforms for limiting my IP addresses’ traffic, for placing damaging ads and fascist consumerist necessities on my name. How do I sue the media for all the damage they’ve caused? For all the racist comments towards myself, my ethnicity, my hometown, my homestate, and traditions? I do I sue you for owning me as a slave in 2018? I guess I ask a lot of questions that don’t get answers because I’m just a stupid criminal bastard nigger white trash slave punk douche bag asshole, right?


One thought on “How Do I Sue All Of You?

  1. Cliftonguest 4 years ago

    Clifton Beef, thanks! And thanks for sharing your great posts every week!