Women have the natural ability to heal me. I’ve noticed, when I’m in the immediate vicinity of just one woman and no men, my mind generally clears out and some of my chronic pain goes away. I also get this flush of energy. I get even more of an energy and clarity boost when I’m surrounded by females. More of my pain goes away in these situations too.

When a woman looks at me in the eyes, even for just a second, all of these positive feelings increase. If she happens to touch my skin, I get the most uplift. This is not sexual arousal or romantic interest. I do get some of these feelings from men too but it’s more rare.

I’m not sure about the times when she’s talking to me, because I’m trying to pay attention to what she’s saying, and not what else might be going on in my head or body. I do get an adrenaline rush sometimes, when I approach a woman, even if I’m not scared or embarrassed at all, but that’s a separate feeling, and also not sexual or romantic.