I have been planning to get a video series of my own going for years now but I kept on pushing to find a videographer to work with. Sadly, I had to find out the hard way that camera people are more often than not elitist, overcharge and flake out. But after recently seeing a few guys from the area filming themselves selfie style or with set cameras, I realized that I should just go ahead and do it myself.

I love filming and this way I can have even more control. My first satirical video here will be the first of many, as I head in a new direction on my artistic journey. I will always be a writer, first and foremost, and then a musician, but I also know how little Americans read and pay attention to lyrics in the 21st century, and how obsessed they have gotten with images and videos. This is how those Internet people sound to me when they’re “influencing” and “creating”.

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