Dating can be as cold and mad as a Wisconsin winter when it comes to forging an authentic connection with a millennial female.

I call this short “Texting Millennial Women” but I do differentiate between “Women” and other types of adult females. To me, women are the ultimate female counterpart, friend and partner. Everything is better with a woman and I hope to meet all of em. But… most adult females, in my generation at least, are internet hoes, bustdowns, girly girls, sexist feminists, airheads, snowflakes, drama queens, jersey chasers, sarcastic passive aggressors, classists and all the sort. I’m talking about relationship material.

Fifteen years or so of dating has taught me that my ideal partner comes down to just a few factors (not in any order): Intelligence, Talent, Adventurousness, Authenticity and Physical Fitness. I do not need her skin to have a particular color, her eyes to be of a certain hue, her hair to have a particular texture or shade, her to be tall or short, to have a voice above or below a certain point or with an accent of some kind, so forth and so on. Side note: One can appreciate a person’s God given physical appearance over another without a guilty conscience, sure, but to require these above factors when it comes to friendship, romance or love is absolutely racist – to be clear.

If you do manage to meet someone off the internet, outside of work, class, your living complex and the bars – in a space that was more spontaneous and natural – you will probably be texting her. These moments often pass quickly and she (for me) hasn’t had as much time to be around me as she might’ve had we met in one of the other aforementioned habitats. Makes sense that she might want to get some info down in her phone on me so that she can analyze it.

But lately I’ve had an increasing amount of online and text-based interactions that seem to get stuck in this predictable loop. Don’t matter what you say or offer up, the result will wind up around the same spot every time. It’s so funny it hurts. Brrr.


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