I’m having some fun with a couple current trends in the newest addition to The Basement Variety Show series. First, I address the longstanding countrywide trend of glorifying trite, redundant, derivative, wannabe nursery rhymers. Second, I find this “Reaction Video” ting lazy and vain. Most of the time it’s just – what must be thought of as physically attractive people – droning at a screen until one of the units says something like, “Oh, no” or “Wow”, or they give a deadpan look, wipe their face, or flip their hair, and then melodramatically drop some ignorant ass 2 cents on a part of Earth’s culture they don’t understand.

The song in the video is called “Excuse Me, Can I Speak (No, Ok)”. Khronos Beats produced. Go ahead and download it on da cloud. My next album/tape is coming soon. If you like Hip Hop comedy like this, I just put some smoke up a couple days ago called “Get To Know: Yung Fucc Boi, One-Up Guy, Lil Bitchass, Punk, Doucher, Posturing Manchild, Big Baby”. More soon. Preciate the support. I’m finding my stride with the self-filming and editing, and have new ideas every day.