Dr. Mumbi Seraki pushes hard to bring Africa together in a wholesome way. I love how she talks. She drops bars so hard I have to rewind it, and not because what she said was so hurtful to a person or culture. She speaks brazenly direct and firm on pinpointed topics, and somehow shows her personality, eloquence and thoughtfulness simultaneously. Her metaphors are works of art. My favorite part of Dr. Mumbi, though, might be her beautifully irreverent jokes.

Her website reads, “Her life and career are committed to restoring the stolen identity of Africa and shining a spotlight on the mental and spiritual colonization that still oppresses her people.” She studied human resources and international business in college, and also has a PhD in African women’s studies from the University of Nairobi. The Kenyan journalist reports on a well diversified range of topics that affect Africa today. She does say some extremely ignorant and racist things at times, but if you can get through that, Ms. Seraki is mostly informative.

We don’t get African news, like this, in America. She’s talking almost exclusively blacklisted topics, unironically. The news here is infamous for gaslighting Africans and African-Americans into thinking that they’re savages, criminals, uneducated, lazy, so on and so forth with the stereotypes. Dr. Mumbi speaks on this phenomenon in the following video, and I think what she says not only translates across continents, but across race lines, and should make us all look inward, to get honest with ourselves and think about who we “fear” in certain circumstances – and why that may be.

This woman goes in on tough topics including the intrusive Chinese and European presence, natural living, international business, policy and religion – and makes it entertaining. She weaves her slang, one liners and dead stops all up, down and throughout the flow but doesn’t get lost in emotion or gimmicks, avoiding damaging blanket statements and showing us we can be serious and lighthearted at the same time.

Musician Mumbi shows mad love for her home country of Kenya in the music video for “Nchi Yetu (Kenya).” Mama is a colorful character worth looking into for many reasons. I would say it’s because she’s an ethnic babe with a cute style that uses college words but I would be lying!