These malfunctioning units are some bots, clones, placeholders, skinsacks, chairs, plants. Which of these News People and Internet People are supposed to be the Liberals and which the Conservatives? Democrats and Republicans? They have a glitch in their systems, er wuh?

The NBC 15 people, who have rejected my application more times than I can remember for an entry level position, and refuse to respond to me, in general, for any reason, brought in the “Sociology Expert” from UW-Madison to, apparently, looking at this article, not teach anything I haven’t in passing. Clifton Grefe aka Beef, Sociology Expert, has covered that type a lightwork as lil tangents and side notes along the mission. Lil lil. At least I can feel validated, knowing I deserve to make more money than both the author of the story and the interviewee.

I was watching some footage of the protests around the country and caught part of the basic bitch at ABC 7 Bay in Oakland describing a part of the protest there (I think it was in this). She said there were Black people, Brown people and… Allies. So if you’re not Black or Brown enough, you’re considered an ally to the coloreds, or what? Those are the Dirty Nons, Grimy Whites, Mudbloods, or what?

What about Red people, and Yellow people, and so forth? C’mon now, if you’re gonna try n keep the racist system alive, at least do the whole rainbow, dude. Actually, I’ve been calling their spectrum of racial categorizations The Racist Color Wheel. The analogous and complimentary colors don’t make sense on this wheel, so it is a non-functioning device for creating multicultural harmony. The real color wheel is useful doe. It be a stylist’s best friend.

By the way, unless you want educated folks like me to think you’re a simpleton, stop using people of color (POC) so often, especially when it doesn’t apply. It makes me think that you long for Whitey to call you a colored person, so you can reminisce on the good ole Jim Crow days. Use other words to be more accurate and to capture the most people behind a civil rights cause. Use varying vocabulary to paint a more complete picture, utilize ethnic and minority populations, and avoid using the Racist Color Wheel to categorize people unless you’re fina show that you know more than 3-5 colors. Hey, it’s elementary school everyone!

There is a group that feels the need to protest how certain protests are being conducted. Ya know, the “I believe in this but not that” type of classist say-nothing-original-ever speech. Like a Grammar Nazi for marching. I’m not sure where they’re getting their civil rights, freedom, revolution, activist and war advice from but it’s probably Coastie-like in nature. Donald Trump’s Twitter, Facebook Friends, or Fox News, perhaps. Look how they describe certain protesters as thugs, radicals, extremists and hijackers – who are supposedly cancelling out the positive effects of protesting because of the adamant behavior. They haven’t even stopped to think yet if those acting out most are those who have had direct experiences with oppressive forces. That team is still clinching to the childish double-edged triggerwords because, when they try to say things succinctly or in detail, they wind up sounding like themselves too much – and they

To clarify on that last sentence, because I don’t think most Americans understand this, fascists love using terminology that has multiple commonly used political definitions – so they can strategically use it as weaponry towards particular demographics, and play games slanting stories until they fit into their mission statement of torturing the ugly people.

Of course, we have all seen the classic re-invented images of Black people stealing. Nuttin new. Some boom boom with the bass? Maybe talking some shit, doing a little dancing, striking a pose? Sounds like that awful Hip Hop music, don’t it? Look out for those trying to force the Race War rhetoric, and/or the Black Lives Matter movement over everything, though. That could easily be someone who believes the exact opposite and wants to take away from the multiethnic unity in the name of the race system, or someone who wants only justice for one select group of people – calling their racially exclusive group “The Culture”.

They are really trying to force that fusion of the Dirty White Ally with Antifa too. The male Whitey bourgeois can’t say it enough, so keyword search that as well… This is nothing new to us, but demonizing anti-fascists? I thought they were all the biggest fans of the bazillion movies we’ve seen about America and the Earth joined forces to destroy the horrible fascist Germans and Russians. Don’t they constantly talk down on German and Russian people, unabridged? Maybe now not anymore though, suddenly? They have no soul. No culture to pull from other than what makes them like everyone else. Also, they flipped off the anti-socialist, anti-communist switch real quick to combine their anti-anti-fascist party and anti-anarchist party under the same banner. Be prepared to be called a terrorist, and those other fear-instilling words I mentioned before. Don’t worry though, they all have multiple personality disorder by conscious choice, so they’re probably just talking to themselves to appease their cognitive dissonance.

Strangely, or maybe not, cause all this is strange, they also interchange radical right and radical left when it comes to who they call Midwestern Men, the Working Class, Middle America, and Ethnic Whites. For instance, anyone who looks of European ancestry, who owns a gun, is automatically a racist, woman beating idiot. Of course, if you have a buzzed or bald head, you are then a White Nationalist. This is a favorite of White chicks and those from similar levels of extravagant privilege. But if you have long hair, or something, or you’re younger – then you’re with the Antifa Movement. Keep in mind, they love doing this to Northern guys, but if you know anything about the area, it is not a Nationalist vibe. It’s more like a fuck you ignorant, useless cunts everywhere else type a vibe. Do they even understand what a republic is? Or the possible benefits compared to what we have? The answer is either yes, which would mean they’re lying to prove a point, or no, which means they shouldn’t be speaking on foreign cultures to begin with.

Target handed me my first felony conviction at age 16. I was working, and actually got this employee appreciation tag at one point, but I wasn’t making enough to get a car anytime soon, saving for college, so I started stealing and selling that work out of my backpack – backpack trapping in ’09. I also sold mixtapes out of my backpack – backpack rapping.

Someone ratted me out, anonymously of course, and as I was walking out on my last day as a seasonal worker, security grabbed me n brought me to this room, by myself, where they questioned me with no option to contact anyone. Then they wrote some shit up and made me sign it. These people watched me accumulate inventory over time, so they could charge me more in the end.

Needless to say, seeing a Target  “looted” – where the company is headquartered – made me cry. I couldn’t control it. Just that thought of poetic justice, having suffered countless times at the hands of our oppressors with no systematic justice, gave me a feeling I’ve never felt before. Not a physical thing in the universe is as rare as life. Fuck you Target. Die for all I care. Just like you left me as a kid.

Protesters wrecked the precinct that dude was based out of too. Ah yes, I still have the memories of being assaulted, being unknowingly placed in a research study, and having difficulty breathing with the toxic mold pouring out of the vents at Dane County Jail. Would I prefer to see it destroyed or renovated for an absurd amount of money? These are the questions that you and I are not asked but the nation’s favorite slavewhippers are.

I was also beat into the ground by several police officers for running from an “Underage Drinking Party” at 18. The people inside the party were White, Black and Brown. They collectively decided to lock me – and only me – outside, as soon as the police showed up (one of the Black-White ones was at the second felony set up in 2011). At the time, I was rehabbing my torn hamstring, so I was slow, and after dodging multiple taser shots, I hit my ankle on an exposed rail from a swingset, and permanently damaged the nerves in my ankle for life. I was tackled by multiple pigs at the same time. Then they started with the elbows and knees, and of course several batons, as I was lying restrained on the ground. I can still remember the exact feeling of getting popped in the back of the head and blacking out for a few seconds, knowing that my life was completely in the control of these humanoids.

Then the devils then wrote me a ticket for underage drinking and one ticket for resisting arrest. There might’ve been a disorderly in there too. They like to throw those on top a lot, if they don’t like you. Or just because. But I did not get suffocated by one of those cunts’ knees like George Flynn. Would I have gotten justice like this? There might’ve been a few people at the funeral, or whatever, and an obituary, but no, absolutely not. I am one of the few who have experienced police brutality, not only on one occasion, but several, where I couldn’t do anything but take the punishment I was born to endure – and survive. I could’ve been killed that night. No one gave a shit then and they still don’t now. I feel this struggle to my core. There is a reason I am silenced by The Racists and The Internet People.

I get the racists that think I’m one of them too, so I’m sniping the inside information constantly – how they think, their slang, what they find entertaining, morally wrong, etc – until I expose myself, respond, they get told and butthurt, and then I go write about it. Same with Black people, only I’m seen as a Whiteboy cuck or something along those lines. Like I’m closet BBC all the way in the name of White guilt.

The opposition, aka opps, will also try to make these recent protests into a generational thing, as if there aren’t folks who have been grinding, waiting for an uprising like this for a huge portion of their life. Remember, the youth typically have the better equipped bodies for physical activity. Those ageist, hate instigators work tirelessly to keep any group of people down. They do not give a fuck about community unless they can exploit others into joining their worldview. Also, I’ve seen some adult children posting that George Soros or some other secret investors are funding all the protests, antifa, all the people who look to be of majority European ancestry, or that the participants are from out-of-state. Yet another way they’re trying to keep the 2-party system alive, while also taking away from the deadly serious organizing going on all over the lower 48. Others plead the silent excuse.

Remember when I dropped Why Wisconsin Voted For Donald Trump: The Coastie Privilege on Inauguration Day? That joint did numbers, popped way up in Google, and then mysteriously vanished. Then came the “Manifesto” from the unknown Janesville guy down the road that blew up nationwide because it was so…? No coverage whatsoever on my genius creation, yet here we are in 2020 and I already predicted so much of this. I find it laugh out loud funny that anyone who knows of me is surprised at all. Welcome to you new idiots, though. Blessings. If you want your mind shattered, read me up, direct yourself to some of my Youtube videos and Soundcloud songs, and then try to convince yourself that this economy works. Look up my resume. The most I have ever been permitted to make in a year was around 35k – before taxes. What are we mad about? They really don’t know. It’s that bad. Hook me up to a lie detector test, if you’re feeling extra slavemastery and “need” that for verification.

They don’t even know what “it” is about either, as if arresting that one officer was gonna fix it all, so then the privileged go back to their easy lives that they didn’t earn and the less privileged go back to their difficult lives that they didn’t deserve. No. George Floyd’s murder was important by itself but now it has lead to a historic uprising. Of course it started in The North, Midwest, and from I could see, there were protests yesterday/this morning in the Twin Cities, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Des Moines, Omaha, St. Louis, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Louisville, Memphis, Boston, New York, Baltimore, D.C., Richmond, Charlotte, Baton Rouge, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Jose, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Oakland, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle.

As far as Madison, “The event will be led by four organizations: Urban Triage, Freedom Inc, Party for Socialism and Liberation – Madison, and a collective of local educators,” according to the “Justice For George” Facebook page. The event starts at 12pm on the Capitol Square.

Keep it Black as night, White as light, y’all. Be safe.


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