Hello to the one in the middle of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, China, Germany, Russia, Middle East, Africa, Mexico, India, South America, and so forth. I know you’re my best friend, but I’m supposed to hate you, so I guess we’ll talk through Basement Made, art, music, film, video games, secret profiles, dark web, hackers, code, North Central and working class speak. Firewalls are a bitch, huh? Of course they forcefeed us that America is immune to this type of ignorance, so I’m sorry if I’m late to realizing how great I am at this, but I see and hear y’all now.

When it comes to social media, those from hotter areas have to make shadow profiles just to communicate over the Internet. I know some don’t need to, but many are afraid for their lives, or at actual risk of being killed by the enemy, and that’s why you’ll see those particular insightful comments from strange looking names. Some are spam, of course, but America is quick to muffle any foreign voice, alien or citizen – regardless.

This is not the same as their trolls, who are completely safe from terrorists, who use fake profiles not to offer perspective, but to attack with prejudice and hide their identities as cultureless subhumans. I already talked about Facebook and TikTok politics.

I’ve never bought Soundcloud plays but I did used to run up Basement Made premieres and releases for promotional purposes (as Americans see higher view numbers as legitimate, which in turn generates more organic views). This isn’t allowed as much anymore but the older tracks I boosted still remain at those view counts.

They limit the amount of times that you can play your own material, and it add to the count. I understand this prevents human and digital bots from running up the numbers (and profiting off the bolstered streams) but what if you really are watching your videos that many times – whether it’s for you or others?

How about when one of my Youtube videos rockets to a certain number and then suddenly stops at an even multiple of 10? Or how I’ve played my films from different devices and IP addresses and watched the analytics as nothing happened? If any of those middle class people, rich, activists and celebrities, or whatever, cared about working humans, I would be wealthy beyond measure. Why do these comments on a couple of my recent videos show up to me and not publicly?

Google doesn’t allow Clifton Grefe, Beef or Basement Made free speech on their platform either. They permit my general site link if you search exactly for “Basement Made” but that is essentially the only way to find it other than typing it in the address bar. I have personally posted over 1,000 times under my name since 2012, about content that pertains to the site’s description and mission statement, and have an SSL certificate through GoDaddy.

This is in contrast to when the site started taking off in 2015, without an SSL cert. Not only did Google show it at the #1 spot, but they displayed 6 different pages within Basement Made too, and my articles would shoot straight to the top – as my platform is the most relevant and original platform for whatever I or we are talking about. On top of that, a “Basement Made” search would also turn up my YouTube and Soundcloud right after. Not anymore.

They at least give me some of my identity under the “Clifton Grefe”, “Cliff Grefe”, “Clifton Beef”, “Clifton Beefy” and “Beef rapper”. But of course, Google is also known for forcing negative news, slander and police reports to the top of search results as well. Doesn’t matter what it’s for, what the counterargument is, or how it’s been resolved, yet they praise the almighty gods of the non-functioning Patriot Act and Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Why have I gotten zero press coverage for this documentary on the protests in Madison this last Saturday? Madison is not that big. Or important. The biggest reason is most likely that the video doesn’t play into their race war like they want it to. I have received positive feedback, in the public online space, from people of the Black, Brown and White “races”.

They want us to leave the narrative to the self-entitled and keep us fighting amongst ourselves – Brown vs. White vs. Black – the best they can get it. Of course, they love love love the Male vs. Female and Hetero vs. Homo too. The closeted and easily affected are right with them. All of this pseudo-scientific fake news is easy to consume, and with America obsessed with hyper-convenience more than ever, the status quo has come a race to the bottom of critical thought and work ethic.