Beef and Eminem just dropped some heat at about the same time – both speaking to highly controversial, off-color topics – as they tend to do. Who did it better with the rapping? Was it Clifton or Marshall, Wisconsin or Michigan, Madison or Detroit, $0 million net worth or $210 million net worth? Is it Beef with “In Plain Sight” or Eminem on the “The Adventures of Moonman & Slim Shady” collaboration?

“I ain’t sleep, I ain’t sipping on robo nothing
Not to say I never done it
But y’all looking you were made in a lab
Blue face front page with a label on the back
Filling up your brain with runoff trash propaganda
On slump, full dummy, randomly blasting
You foolies of fentanyl are a glitch in the system, venereal sickness
Treating networking with nepotism
All taking up seats in our positions
Listen, You self-retarded yourself with privilege
Now, you are infectiously ignorant
Yes, you will need to be admitted
You are the normie, the simp, cringe
Give me a lie detector, check all the evidence
And allow me justice, and I guarantee I’m filthy as charged
Wait til we get your carbon footprint and your social index
Check the sub and emissions
Mix demographics with experience, self-efficacy and public utility
And see what you’ve really been doing God
I’ll show you how a true entrepreneur utilizes technology
Without infringing on anyone’s private life
While providing a platform for the Earth’s most qualified
All at the same time, recognizing who and what is in plain sight
Cross my heart n hope to die
Stick a needle through your eye
Weave your thoughts up the spire
While playing the tiniest lyre
You will all see the standard deviation between all worldly religion
Is largely based on inequality in the workspace
Remember what I said this
You’re the headcase, not education, not healthcare
Not living situations and other ignorant racist Americanisms
Occupation availability, you lazy faggots
I mean, burnt sticks, hits of a cigarette in passing
Fake straight, fake gay, hypersexualizing anything to distract from your competence
If you wanted an explanation
They just puff up up n away
I am a mythical dragon, a fable
I need a khaleesi to ride me all day
A Tionne to the Nas in my engine
I can see the future, I just gotta pen n tell it
I’m the singularity in transcendence
The favorite Nietzsche of a nihilist
Man, I am the language, so foul n grimy, it’s painful for you
Got you filled with disdain to the point you gotta start painting before you lose it
My policy acknowledged by top scholars
I got a large audience but a small following
Slowly they lose face, and unfollow me
They wanna apologies, pathologically
They a rob a G of every letter, then start the lobotomy
I’m your daddy’s favorite player’s favorite boss’s favorite leader’s artist
Mixing liters in my beaker til I crack the secret serum
I really have to experiment and record findings in this era
My competition stays hiding
Hoping they can bide out the science
Uffda, I really hope I don’t find out you’re lying
Cause this, whatever it is, is only gonna get more violent
The more y’all silence”

“So if it’s God you believe in (Yeah)
Bob your head and just nod in agreement (Yeah)
They say time’s undefeated
I’ma be the first one who can beat it (Yeah)
I had hoop dreams, now I shoot threes (What?)
Got a lil’ green (Yeah), but I don’t do weed (Nope)
Purp nor lean (Nah), that’s Tunechi (Yeah)
That’s New Orleans (What?), fuck Drew Brees (Yeah)
Snoop D-O-double (Uh), that’s two G’s (Yup)
I probably spent on paper, ooh-wee
Since Tuesday, probably killed a few trees (Yeah)
But the only ones I smoke are the loose leaf
Not high, but I’m your highness (What?)
And secretly, you’re on my dick (Hah)
But you haters are butthurt (Ow), bunch of sore hind-ends (Ow)
I was just a poor white kid (Yeah)
Now if rap was B-ball, I’d be Jordan-like, bitch (What?)
You wish you could score like this (Nah), yeah
Not even at half court, I’d miss (Nah)
I’m mouthwash, ’cause if I was on the floor, I’d swish (Fluoride, fluoride, swish)
But I cannot lie (Nah)
I got you in my top five
Worst rappers of all time (Hah)
I lost my spot, y’all got Alzheim’ (Uh)
King of rap? Nah, their words, not mine (Yeah)
King of swear words and not lying (Yeah)
You should never compare yours (Nope)
A toll-free number (Yeah), only way you’ll ever have a hot line
Fuck’s going on, man? (Yeah)
Bunch of half-wits up in office (What?)
Half of us walking around like a zombie apocalypse
Other half are just pissed off and (Yeah)
Don’t wanna wear a mask and they’re just scoffing
And that’s how you end up catching the shit off ’em
I just used the same basket as you shopping
Now I’m in a fuckin’ casket from you coughin’ (Damn)
Always stay ahead of haters, let ’em hate
But never let a traitor penetrate your circle
Separate yourself from those who try to pull you down
The real ones never stray, it’s sort of like Medusa (Yeah)
That’s how you stay ahead of snakes (Woo)
Emcees pull out gats, I don’t give a fuck how strapped
You’re gonna out-rap me? I doubt that
Please, bitch, I’m a house rat
These raps are ’bout that cheese like mousetraps
Earthlings, I adapt to ’em
Certain things, I don’t want to do, but have to in
Order to just act human
Like using a bathroom and vacuuming (Yeah)
Rapping in the booth in a triple fat goose hazmat suit
Bubble wrap and a mask too and
I don’t think that’s what they meant by trap music (Nah)
Running through ink like I’m tattooing (Yeah)
This is music to be murdered by, you love
Turn the volume up, I am fired up like a blunt
Bread is long like an Italian sub, I am drugs
That is probably why your opinion of me’s high as fuck
And it’s nonstop fury (Yeah)
‘Cause I ain’t holding ’em up like an armed robbery (Nah)
And God’s my jury, so when I die, I’m not worried (Nah)
Prayers to George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery (Yeah)
How the fuck is it that so many cops are dirty? (Huh?)
Stop, man, please, officer, I’m sorry
But I can’t breathe when I got you on top of me
Your goddamn knee’s on my carotid artery (Fuck)”

Eminem lyrics from Genius. Cudder did his thing too.

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