I feel like a whore for writing this. I’m all for the BGJW community as I’ve proven countless times in the public and private realms, professional and recreational. Still, this nation has been going through an epidemic of stupidity for many lifetimes, so here’s a stupid list of positive stereotypes for all you dummies that need this. They continue to validate things like Proud Boys and VICE founder Gavin McInnes, Kyle Rittenhouse and Donald Trump, over BASEMENT MADE founder Clifton Grefe, so now that last guy I mentioned is here with some more fun lists.

I’ve realized more in the past year I don’t have this general underlying hate for others, or this innate insecurity, like most other Americans. Think about how many of them have posted anything similar to this – rappers, writers, politicians, athletes, business people, moms, dads… None or close to none, right? All those heroes, or voices of generations, or what not. It’s like we’ve been saying, they don’t create their own thought patterns. Think about it, if I really had some deep seated agenda against Black, Gay, Jewish or Female people, I wouldn’t post this unless I absolutely had to right?

This is easy. Let it be known that Beef loves these peoples equal to the amount he loves other generic groups of people that are known by various names/words. I’m sorry if this hurts anyone I love. I’m sorry for the hurt I’ve caused my loved ones before. I have a lot of love in my heart but I know I show it abstractly sometimes. I’m a writer though, so this is another one of those times.


  1. Black guys are badass
  2. Black gals are sexy as fuck and have exquisite pussy
  3. Black women are real sweet on the phone
  4. Black guys roll superb blunts
  5. Blacks will not stand for racism
  6. Niggas go hard
  7. African-Americans have hilarious, relatable senses of humor
  8. Negros have great hairlines
  9. Ebony females are tough
  10. Blacks have vibrant culture
  11. Africans are super creative with language
  12. Niggers have open minds
  13. Niggers are insanely smart
  14. Darkies be down for excellent adventures
  15. Black folks are brilliant artists
  16. Blacks are strong
  17. Blacks work harder
  18. Black guys are there for you when you’re way down
  19. Blacks will not stand for slavery
  20. Niggas be fantastic at getting folks together
  21. Descendants of Africa cook delicious food
  22. Blacks are fun to hang out with
  23. Blacks self-retard less
  24. Negros are resilient
  25. Black ladies are observant


  1. Gays are out of this world fun
  2. Homos be spontaneous af
  3. Fags are astoundingly aware of their surroundings
  4. Gay people make phenomenal eye contact
  5. Gay folks have a literal flag to fly for their sexuality
  6. Fruits aren’t scared to wear different color pallets
  7. Gays are very respectful when it comes to romantic and sexual relationships
  8. Gays are calculated
  9. Gay guys give awesome compliments
  10. Gay guys are hospitable
  11. Lesbians wear whore outfits less
  12. Lesbians have unique political views
  13. Dykes are extremely comical
  14. Gays are far less rapey
  15. Gays are mad skilled at dancing
  16. Homos are not with the mind-games
  17. Gay people don’t jump loners
  18. Gays are good with plants and animals
  19. Gays are loud and proud
  20. Fags don’t get scared off by alpha males
  21. Gays question fascism
  22. Gayboys work hard behind the scenes
  23. Fruitballs appreciate non-bisexual people
  24. Homos love themselves
  25. Homos make tasty drinks


  1. Jews are linguistic geniuses
  2. Jewish gals are super fly and have fire pussy
  3. Kikes stand by their ethnicity
  4. Hebrews are hilarious
  5. Jewboys are highly organized
  6. Jews take care of their own
  7. Japs think about if you’ve eaten or not and will pay for your meal
  8. Kikes are persistent
  9. Jews are not completely brainwashed by Abrahamic religion
  10. Jews are physically fit
  11. Jews have perfect hairlines
  12. Jewish people speak out bravely
  13. Jewish folks are analytical
  14. Hebrews make fun music
  15. Male kikes stand up for female kikes
  16. Jewboys are brilliant actors
  17. Jews have interesting tastes in food
  18. Jews are skilled with technology
  19. Hebrews have an intriguing history
  20. Japs aren’t afraid to approach a man
  21. Jewish folks are interested in the truth
  22. Jews will say my legal name out loud and pen it
  23. Jewish people are adaptable
  24. Descendants of Judea don’t fiend for American approval
  25. Jews got big, pretty eyes


  1. Women are freakishly intelligent
  2. Females are fierce competitors
  3. Cunts have my favorite hole in the world to put my cock into
  4. Ladies ask if I’m ok and listen to the answer
  5. Women know places to touch me to make me feel good
  6. Women have sexy voices
  7. Women are expert writers
  8. Ladies are multi-talented
  9. Bitches got your back if you’re nice to them
  10. Hos make me happy
  11. Women have self-confidence
  12. Females have strong legs
  13. Female people are incredible at raising plants and animals
  14. Female folks have fun hair
  15. Cunts fight for different looking people with empathy
  16. Cunts are crafty
  17. Hos make my insides warm and my brain clear the closer we physically get and communicate
  18. Women are comfortable making fun of themselves
  19. Women prepare scrumptious meals and snacks
  20. Women give dope ass hugs
  21. Female folks have bomb metaphors
  22. Bitches enjoy doing physical, recreational activities
  23. Women can pick up on purposely hidden emotions
  24. Women fight for their rights
  25. Gals have the capacity to give birth to babies