They’re always writing bullshit like this – painting a picture that they’re somehow inclusive of the local culture. These people slandered me whenever they possibly got the chance. Almost every single time I ran into someone from First Wave, they insulted me. They are no different than other coasties, except they do the rappity raps and the dancey dancing with pretty hair and skin or whatever. They might be a little less fascist, but like I said before, this program is not recruiting to help Wisconsin, it’s recruiting to help fascist America.

I used to be friends with some of these soulless people on Facebook, followed them on Twitter, checked out their albums, write-ups, all that – like a professional, an adult, an artist, a man. I even thought I was friends with some of them but of course they’re frauds. These people are equally if not more whiny than their cracker counterparts. They most likely all vote democratic because that’s what these units do, use lots of emojis, memes and pop culture references to distract from who they really are, and justify the torture and enslavement of certain people because of how they look and sound.

These people are not from around here, or from “The Culture”, and it’s obvious when you talk to them. They purposely avoid working with Madison, Milwaukee and Wisconsin artists (known for being phenomenal). They look down on us and treat us like dirt. Read my bio and do your research to find out how I was introduced to and treated by First Wave. They told me “it wasn’t for me” and “you’re not Black”. These anti-authenticity terrorists somehow manage to be both the enemy of the state and the people – a plan their people have been working for millennia.

Woohoo they’re all blowing up after snatching our culture, appropriating it, taking advantage of our infrastructure and education, only to punch down as hard as they possibly can to keep us muffled while they speak all that nonsense on our mics, our stages, our platforms, our ground. They think they’re heroes or something, coming in here to teach us their super ethnic woke ways or some shit. The people that write these articles are dead inside. Go ahead, watch the rats come pouring out the woodwork to speak their mind on this. They’d rather make us fight it out in a civil war than be honest with themselves.

Where are the Madison, Wisconsin artists in First Wave? The natives? The working class? I’ve been bout it my whole life. They can’t even do it for a few years. Look at the spread they got in the OnWisconsin UW Alumni platform versus the blurb I got. If you don’t think I or one of these other local jokers should’ve been permitted to lead this organization while I was in school there, and should be leading it now, you are why this country’s economy doesn’t work. Y’all ain’t shit. Post this and they’re the type to respond with some “I’m sorry you feel that way, if you come to this meeting of ours and help us for free, we’ll continue to bastardize and take credit for all you and your people do.”