We need to tax these people hard. This should’ve been done a long time ago. Put up the interstate tolls, put a huge tax on their hideous and invasive cabin-mcmansions, add a distance and statehood preference section to applications, tax them every time they use our state name in movies and shows, and all that. American business is fart sniffing. At least start taking note of these transgressions. This is a game to them – something to laugh at. This is what slavers do. They also recruit. You ever see those movies with the disgusting bad guy that laughs at people for having difficult lives, and the goons wait to laugh til he/she does? That’s who these people are (the vast majority of the time).

They do not know what adversity is. These people that come in from these places take up space and money. Shit, at least make em take a test like they give to Mexicans crossing into the Southwest, except this one for Wisconsin. This is one of the only states with widely known working class claims to fame, and that should be a top priority for any American (and non) that cares about effort, skill, intelligence – these types of things. We need to take ownership, as much as we can, over these proud slavers and their toxic non-culture. I love the area, of course, but this is an ongoing problem that is strategically swept under the rug for the benefit of the advantaged-since-birth.

Check the See the State-to-State Migration Flows here. This is just the top 10 in and out for 2018.

Movers From Elsewhere To WI     Movers From WI To Elsewhere  
IL 25,155   MN 15,270
MN 19,632   IL 13,965
Foreign 15,208   FL 7,573
CA 6,642   TX 5,844
FL 5,593   CA 5,364
MI 4,737   IA 4,333
TX 3,977   MI 3,613
OH 3,759   CO 3,100
CO 3,321   OH 2,778
IA 3,072   Foreign ?

See the Metro Area-to-Metro Area Migration Flows too. I rounded these down at the thousandths place for the most part, and some are done at the ten thousandth. Didn’t feel like looking these all back up again but you can if you want. Dis covers 2014 – 2018.

Wisconsin Movers From Another Metro Area Total Metro Population Percentage Of New Residents
Oshkosh  10,000 168,000 0.05952381
La Crosse  6,000 135,000 0.044444444
Madison  27,000 639,000 0.042253521
Racine  8,000 192,000 0.041666667
Monroe 6,000 148,000 0.040540541
Janesville  5,000 160,000 0.03125
Eau Claire  5,000 164,000 0.030487805
Appleton 7,000 231,000 0.03030303
Fon Du Lac 3,000 101,000 0.02970297
Green Bay  9,000 313,000 0.028753994
Sheboygan 3,000 114,000 0.026315789
Milwaukee  36,000 1,500,000 0.024
Wausau  3,000 133,000 0.022556391
Bloomington 15,000 164,000 0.091463415
Lafayette  14,000 215,000 0.065116279
Michigan City 6,000 109,000 0.055045872
Terre Haute 7,000 168,000 0.041666667
South Bend  13,000 316,000 0.041139241
Indianapolis  54,000 1,983,000 0.027231467
Fort Wayne  10,000 425,000 0.023529412
Champaign  21,000 236,000 0.088983051
Carbondale 6,000 124,000 0.048387097
Bloomington  9,000 187,000 0.048128342
Rockford 11,000 335,000 0.032835821
Springfield 6,000 207,000 0.028985507
Decatur 3,000 105,000 0.028571429
Peoria 8,000 369,000 0.021680217
Chicago  157,000 9,400,000 0.016702128
Danville 1,000 77,000 0.012987013
St. Cloud  10,000 194,000 0.051546392
Mankato  5,000 99,000 0.050505051
Duluth  9,000 276,000 0.032608696
Rochester  6,000 213,000 0.028169014
Minneapolis  72,000 3,500,000 0.020571429
Iowa City  10,000 166,000 0.060240964
Des Moines  22,000 625,000 0.0352
Cedar Rapids  9,000 265,000 0.033962264
Dubuque 3,000 95,000 0.031578947
Waterloo  5,000 168,000 0.029761905
Sioux City  4,000 166,000 0.024096386
Davenport  8,000 377,000 0.021220159
Lansing 25,000 471,000 0.053078556
Kalamazoo  16,000 333,000 0.048048048
Muskegon  6,000 171,000 0.035087719
Grand Rapids  33,000 1,037,000 0.031822565
Midland 2,000 82,000 0.024390244
Detroit  74,000 4,266,000 0.01734646
Columbia 12,000 132,000 0.090909091
Springfield 16,000 453,000 0.035320088
Jefferson City 5,000 149,000 0.033557047
Kansas City  58,000 2,080,000 0.027884615
St. Louis  55,000 2,773,000 0.019834115
Lincoln 14,000 322,000 0.043478261
Omaha  25,000 910,000 0.027472527
South Dakota      
Sioux Falls  6,000 251,000 0.023904382

I have a city breakdown for the I-90/94 route as well. It’s a great route by the way. I’ve been all the way east on it and looking forward to going the other way in the future. Still need to make it to the Northwest. Haven’t been any opportunities for me out that way yet.

Green Bay to Chicago 534   Chicago to Green Bay 1,271
Madison to Chicago 2,098   Chicago to Madison 3,434
Milwaukee to Chicago 4,122   Chicago to Milwaukee 7,197
Green Bay to Minneapolis 724   Minneapolis to Green Bay 413
Madison to Minneapolis 1,206   Minneapolis to Madison 1,980
Milwaukee to Minneapolis 2,230   Minneapolis to Milwaukee 1,194
Green Bay to Milwaukee 976   Milwaukee to Green Bay 1,344
Madison to Milwaukee 2,436   Milwaukee to Madison 4,409
Green Bay to Madison 921   Madison to Green Bay 588

Clearly Madison is known for bringing in college students from around the world, but so are almost all of these other places. That’s a flaw in thinking to allude this all to the “College Town Effect”. Grow up. You could call damn near every town in The North a college town, as long as it has, what, over 100,000 people in the area? That’s some push my shit in when I’m sleeping with a pedagogic sword of justice – type shit. Rich incompetent people eat it up, though. They a say we’re scared to go to their bitch ass side or something. I’m sure you’ve heard that or said it. Just show em this piece and watch em start crying from a place of privilege. Looks like Indiana’s getting raped in this data too, which is to be expected, as they’re just on the other side of Chicago as us.

The parrots will claim exotic, as faux foreign trumps unique in this nation, and squawk that this is only happening because the grandiose cities that the simple folk of Wisconsin simply could not build to fruition, are being overrun by the superior, civilized populous. They’re the people that think it’s tougher to make it from wealt in its highest form of an American settlement unit, called a city, than out of bumfuck, nowhere – coming to town to either skip the hard work straight to a prestigious position, or sit on their ass and collect benefits from the blood, sweat and tears of a superior working people.

I want to see data showing where all these white collar people came from. I want to see how much people from Illinois and Minnesota make in Wisconsin, in comparison to Wisconsinites working in Wisconsin, and what types of jobs they’re doing. This is OC and folks know it, talm bout “It’s different up north”, not knowing what that means when definition and context is attributed to the go-to statement. Remember guys, I’m an idiot doe.