The fascism we’re talking about is almost always speaking to the hypernationalists and pseudo-newsers. That’s your conservatives/republicans, liberals/democrats and all the people in between. We’re talking about the oppressive societal issues that arise as the result of these far-reaching oligarchic and aristocratic groups, not the Merriam-Webster/Urban Dictionary versions you uncultured hyperbolic sludgesacks. It’s socioeconomic, and governmental, tyranny. While dictators and autocracies exist in some form all throughout history, they’re usually just a way for the book and media people to control your mind. One person cannot command an entire nation to do something and expect it to happen. That’s a quality piece of fiction that your favorite insecure and proud evangelical-atheist little boy/girl wrote.

One person can make wide reaching change on a daily basis to the point that he/she affects others with a sort of top-down waterfall effect. This is more common now with the internet. We have people like myself, that create the original thoughts, and then billions of other people who eventually get word by way of this habitual selective hearing that America has been known for since it started, which manifests most often now with social media martyrdom. I’ve been enduring this type of public torture for over 10 years now. This joke keeps popping in my head lately, “But you haven’t even died and came back to life yet Cliff, what do you have to complain about?” Anyone that comes from a significant struggle knows that we often cover up our horrific lives with humor and laughter. Why do you think I’m so cringe funny you dipshit faggot? That “faggot” word means you’re allowed to write-off anything I say, right? Even though your people have been calling me that for decades with no reprocussions.

I have people at my day jobs – every single day – that passive aggressively mention specific points that I made the night before through my art. They’ll often say these things to someone standing or sitting right next to me, to themselves but looking away, or across the room when they know where I’m at. One supervisor told me that my job search experience was not authentic and that it’s not actually like this for me. Yes, this is at a job for the United States of America federal government and everyone is over 18 years of age. These adult-aged people obviously have a disproportionate amount of socioeconomic currency to the point that this level of extreme ignorance possible for them. They’re the same matter-of-fact people that go, “You gotta stand up for yourself”, when obviously if I do I will be reprimanded, fired and/or arrested. They follow me around the building and into storage areas, when I’m by myself, because I’m the “criminal” and the “crazy white boy” or whatever their people do. They must not watch enough of their peoples’ news though because apparently I’m a prime candidate to come in the office strapped up and gun everyone down for whipping me because I do quality work. Is it a test, all this baiting? Of course it is. If I speak up too loudly in a 9-5 situation, I am swiftly and purposely spoken over, moved around and bastardized by the fascitalist security bots planted all around me at all times. Not everyone there is like this, of course, but it’s enough for them to have numbers for their games.

Fascist people thrive on power given to them at birth, socioeconomic advantages that they did not earn, majority rules, the popular kid mentality, anti-local culture, racism, classism, sexism, all the ism’s, and really anything contrary to authenticity. This is why they love capitalism – a system build on non-work for fufu groups and hard-work for niggers. Wow that “N-word” is hard to read. Maybe that’s strategic too? Duh. Fascists make harmful blanket statements that get them a meal ticket and have no problem making them at the expense of “people like him”. They use easy stereotypes and confusing language to brainwash people with the help of currency made off slaves. This is where propaganda and Uncle Sam come from. They “have no soul”, so to speak, flipping their life stance on a dime with a new basic piece of information. They hate themselves and hate that I love myself. Doesn’t matter who or what they are. Think about it like this: There is absolutely nothing I could do to be considered a quality writer, rapper, producer, editor, dancer, comedian, or anything artistic, over time or with a one-off/single. This is literal slavery. It is not possible for me to advance in my career due to impossible road blocks strategically built up around me as an individual person. Unfortunately, this has spread to other like-minded people and they too struggle with similar but much smaller issues that they consider more important.

Ok sure, finish up the high school or get a GED. That’s great. Apparently it opens doors for others. A GED is also affordable for the most part. However, to tell someone who is already qualified for the jobs they’re applying for to “go back to school” is wholly fascist. You’re telling them that you – most likely from a position of socioeconomic power and advantage based on birthright – are not going to help or connect them so that they can get what they deserve, and also that they need to go even more broke than they already are in the hopes that something that has already not worked for them will work this time instead. It’s like telling a protester to “go home”. A big part of the problem with the American hiring process is that average and below average people have been defined as the norm. This is exactly what fascism is: taking the heavily flawed status quo and slamming it down on independent people and minorities until they adhere or die. Doesn’t matter who’s standing at the podium taking more than their share of the blame (Donald Trump especially included).

I’m still not permitted an entry level job anywhere in America after graduating from a world-class university with not one but two full degrees, and a huge list of extra-curriculars. I’ve written over 1,000 articles to multiple sites – many of which have topped Google – the largest search engine on planet Earth. But that was a run-on-sentence. And that last sentence and this one started with “and”. And now he’s just repeating sounds and words like a pretentious overqualified linguistic asshole just to make a point. Grammar Nazis. Dictionary Freaks. Just listen to them. These people are anti-American English. They are as close to the modern day versions of Jesus and Hitler (the two most famous figures in fascist/Hollywood cinema) as you’ll get. If it ain’t tongue-in-cheek-blow-you-in-private-but-I’m-not-bisexual-for-a-job-I-earned behavior, then it ain’t mainstream believe-in-my-version-of-white-supremecist-Meditteranean-culture enough. It’s all praise the Moors, Brits and Coasties for civilizing the world to them.

They typically expose their proud slaver status once every few minutes, though some are able to harness their whiny uselessness for a few hours or even a matter of days. I’ve met these people from all the cool colors and places and sexualities and all that stupid walk-of-life shit too, so don’t think one demographic is outside of this mentality and these actions for any reason. Some are more resistant but all it takes is one exception. Try not to be a nitpicky lil bitch as you tend to be, though. Tell your local HR department to fire their entire staff, re-write how they hire, and start fresh. It’s that or death is closing in on you. This is where they say I’m a hardheaded terrorist. What are they going to do when we expose them and their entire family lineage with cameras, microphones, internet, GPS and DNA testing? My folks are tough but what are they – useful for those ground up bug protein bricks in Snowpiercer? Let’s talk about “moving bricks” then, boa. They’d rather a pile a dope than a building. And here’s the pop culture reference that they like to revert to if all else fails. This gives them enough torture pleasure, or fascitalist pleasure, to allow them the mindset they’re a knowing, non-conforming, tough guy/gal, that they “don’t give a shit”, and all that matters is what’s approved by their corrupt system that validates this type of behavior – with wealth in the form of American dollar currency or otherwise. That’s your Gen-Z/Baby-Boomer type personality.

Their people don’t think universal education is necessary to allow any sort of majority a fair shot at the job they earned by being born. They’re the type to tell you that you studied the wrong thing, and you “shoulda, coulda, woulda” this or that. Notice how we’re not making the constant repetitive excuses, they are. These people are so scared of allowing us any sort of justice that they will pit every single person they can find against me just to prevent me an entry-level job in my career field. You think you’re getting ganged up on? I don’t see your teenage name scammed and slandered across different continents for over 10 years with no justice. They get these master’s degrees and PhD’s but have you met these people? I live in Madison, WI, one of the most “educated” and “liberal” places in the world, and these people are fucking useless. Have you met these fart-sniffers with “advanced degrees”? They’re idiots and have markedly no field experience or personal drive. Where are the quality writers, educators, doctors, businessmen and lawyers that do their jobs? I’m actually asking and have been for many years. I’m 30 years into this torture and I could use a break. Do not call my business line with an unknown number though and leave another no message or otherwise spam advertisement, though. Their bots do this all the time. Don’t get added to the list.

Basement Made would be a billion dollar plus company if America was about originality, hard work, the voice of the people, well-rounded individuals, tradesmen, originality, skill, justice, innovation, intelligence, freedom, business or independent spirit. Many of our businesses shoulda, woulda, coulda but shan’t, won’t and can’t. Your brain is compromised if you think this country will last operating in this manner. They tell themselves that we’re the same or I’m somehow hiding my secret advantage to the center of American wealth when all they had to do for success was go to school (or not), apply for jobs (or not), and do an interview (or not) – to get a job (or turn it down). Where are the venture capitalists and recruiters headhunting top college students and prospects? Non-existent. Where are the hip hop people and the anti-fascists speaking out for their non-materialistic heroes? Nowhere. Where are the government programs or opportunities for the culture’s top contributors? Not in America. How they pull themselves to fight for bullying and anti-bullying at the same time is beyond me but clearly it’s an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” rooted belief system. They a do something worthwhile if it’s applauded, not too expensive, and easy to turn on and off, but none of these people have the balls to move humans into the future like myself. This is one person they can’t clone no matter how many people they have working on it. 

The world will be ok when I am rich and famous. I don’t need to be rich and famous, and I’ve never said that or pushed for anything under that premise, but that is how freedom works. Earth will flourish when I am allowed to make a living doing what I love and when we are allowed to exist. Thank you supporters and non-oppressive followers. I love y’all with all my heart and soul and I wish we were hanging out more. Hopefully soon. And straight up, Clifton Grefe vs. The United States of America kinda got a ring to it. And now they’ll say that’s another thing I need to do, and that’s exhausting, but I’ve gotten used to their metamorphing power blamers. It’s one thing after another until death and I know that now. This is what they call excellent, great, awesome, better, superior, elite, smart, innovative, and all the positive words. Ya know, how their weak personalities change completely when they’re talking to one person versus another, how I use all that language in context, out of necessity, and they don’t know what to do or say when they’re not pleasing their daddy/mommy, as a choice. If I were a dictator, one of the first things I would order is the institutionalization of all the self-retarded so that they can be educated on why they are inferior life forms.


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