Take a mental snapshot of what industry looks like for 23 of the United States – in order from highest percentage of manufacturing jobs to lowest. Ballin! Today, we go slumming with your favorite disgusting slimeball untouchable extremist loon who is also confusingly but commonly referred to simultaneously as a secretly wealthy white supremacist golden boy – Kliftone Greaze – who promises that by the end, you will have gained yet another priceless memento of his for a lifetime: knowledge for the taking.

I included all the Midwest and the other states that fit in at the top, as well as some Oil (per Donald Trump) and Coastal States (East-West) that are supposedly where working class culture comes from in American mainstream culture, if not The South. As you can see, American rappers come from the softest, most privileged, least productive parts of America. And again, Indiana and Wisconsin are the hardest out, and also conveniently labeled redneck, hick, bustdown, ratchet, tweaker, drunk, cracker, flyover, boring, Nazi, KKK states. Pollution, stress and drugging causes hair loss. No cap. Mask off. That goes for the majority of the top 5 hardest working states in the country.

State % of State’s Output % of State’s Workforce
Indiana 27.84 17.07
Wisconsin 18.79 15.89
Iowa 18.79 14.35
Michigan 19.38 14.20
Kentucky 18.56 13.07
Arkansas 15.50 12.81
Ohio 16.60 12.56
Kansas 16.30 11.69
Tennessee 15.32 11.47
Minnesota 14.30 10.82
North Carolina 18.31 10.36
South Dakota 10.30 10.27
New Hampshire 11.63 10.14
Nebraska 11.48 9.68
Illinois 12.54 9.58
Missouri 12.82 9.50
Pennsylvania 11.89 9.33
Washington 11.21 8.52
Oklahoma 9.56 8.00
California 10.67 7.66
Texas 12.98 7.09
North Dakota 7.39 6.03
New York 4.45 4.51

Midwest, Battleground State, South, Oil State, Coastal

Meanwhile, in China, which is the 1st or 2nd most productive area on our planet as far as we know in The Heartland, filling whichever spot The Midwest is not on that list, depending on standard of living, social progress index, world happiness report, social mobility, quality of life, cost of living and other factors considered. We need it linake an RlpciPG, with  much more scientific actuarial analysis in job acquisition and fallout. According to this 2017 report from the Overseas Development Institute that pops up right away in Google, wages have gone up there since ’08. Salaries appear to have increased proportionately across all given regions. The Eastern region on the coastline saw the most growth but Northeast was not after that, and as we know, that means an inland region saw higher growth than a coastal one – something that America makes sure not to do – as it keeps slaves inland and inline in their minds. Unfortunately, also like America, China’s high tech opportunities are also disproportionately located on the coast. Regardless of the type of government, they never want to allow the land any more power and opportunity than they have to.

That whole “Agro-Terrorism” scare a few months ago reminded me of all the whiny whore celebrities that give a fuck about how album sale numbers (or it’s equivalence in non-music trades) look. I have a sketch video about that for Tekashi69, Eminem and 50 Cent, and the other insecure petty fascist materialist hipster pseudo patriot influencer terrorists. Em lesser so, especially since he’s out of their league talented and one of the only rappers to endorse Joe Biden despite an impending tax hike, but he’s still another one of those Drake-Kanye people that doesn’t come to Wisconsin because he’s too privileged. Probably get that video done soon n plug it in here. What these people are doing is bundling their fake woke purposeful vice addict aesthetic albums with merch so they can count those as separate sales to their totals on Billboard and be the biggest super-dee-duper-star everrrrrrrrrrrr. It’s the culmination of this double speak mainstream culture – to both think a person (bot, cyborg or projection) is especially amazing but only if they have an arbitrarily assigned and interpreted numerical value at a high enough level in a particular realm of influence that convinces you they are in fact a legitimate contender in their field above competition that has been granted legitimate opportunity to reach a similar level socioeconomically.

I loath how America portrays Native Africa as this rural, broken, vulnerable tribalist nation, and in turn African-American and all that is the African Diaspora. First off, we were all Native Africans once. The OGs were from Africa, and they were probably dark. This is what the prevailing view is now for sociologists, archeologists, anthropologists, biologists – with DNA testing and carbon dating. So that’s your homeland, duder. Second, Africa is the most enslaved continent on Earth. These are the most tortured Native people of any region and have been suffering through this discrimination for the longest time. Square up. Third, the framers show this overwhelming image of what poverty is to Americans, with these help a poor sad African kid videos, to paint this voyeuristic double speak picture that Native African people are afar and separate, yet also only need a handful of our couch cushion trash coins per month in the form of check or credit in order to fix their immediate situation. They love dropping moral bombshells on us, feeding us working people the eternal White vs. Black guilt of the inferior master races.

The Americans are switching up now days. Not but a few years ago they were almost all screaming to kill all the Middle Easterners, China, Russia, Germany, Africa, Mexico, and all the awesome ethnic folks. Now, they want to withdraw the troops from the Middle East (and Germany?) as if these anti-populists aren’t the same treasure, oil and slave hunters as their ancestors and/or associates’ kin – trying to save face heading into a new era. Germany’s elections look less authoritarian than ours. Trump tried using the one drop rule to create solidarity with both the German-Americans and anti-German racists at the same time with those comments about his heritage, knowing full well the Germans (Midwest) lead the fight against coastal and southern Black slaveowners in America, were the largest group to fight Nazis & Friends in World War II, and also elected Barack Obama to the presidency. America has similar parts German, Black and Mexican. They want to force their fascitalism and xenophobia as long as they can, and then withdraw for face and “peace” (or whatever the key word is at the time). It was RINOs, Rockefeller Republicans and Dixies that started the “War on Drugs” and “War on Terror”, or in other words, the “War on Work” and “War on Multiculturalism”. America is a capitalist drop in a global sea of socialism and communism, has ridiculous income gaps and widespread biased incarceration, and uses the imperial system of measurement, so no, American media/propaganda (news, movies, music, TV, radio, print, social media) is not giving us a useful perspective of the world. Their soft boy gang is constantly reaching to find ways to make us pay for their wrongdoings and take credit for it – physically, mentally, and fiscally.

I mean, how about all those Nigerian Princes that need help, right? That’s one of the scams playing on the privileged Black people of Nigeria. Look at pictures of Lagos, Nigeria. This country, Nigeria (which has Niger in the name), has a higher GDP than South Africa, the commonly advertised White Mecca of The Black Continent with a Protester Problem, and Egypt, the obsession of people with tan skin and fake woke Americans. Lagos is what privilege looks like to billions of Earthlings. Same with Detroit. So, for the Americans that don’t understand this concept, because this is a prince from a more capitalistically wealthy nation to its neighbors, and we’re over here, never having met, while he’s asking for money, I know we are not cut from the same cloth. It’s the same with the white bitch trying to make me cry over a carefully selected group of very young or very old dark skinned people with Kwashiorkor.

These hyperbolic aristocrat globalists want to bait me for being a good person, so they can travel to Africa on safari, stop by to flash their ivory veneers at some filthy street rats, as they advertise low income people of different places, hit record in HD for a few minutes and then dip out, while I’ve made friends with many native Africans here out of necessity as a part of living. My Black friends and I in Wisconsin could use some much needed direct economic and wellbeing assistance. We don’t want or need to take our shirts off or show you where we live either. Well, I know I don’t want to do that. Black people here should come first, not those over there, and when we stop sensationalizing racism and gulags, and move at least more toward ethnic representation operations lead by local collective ownership, those of African ancestry will prosper worldwide professionally in a more level fashion. That’s what we want for all groups, ideally. You should never be punished for doing a certain type of work because of your look or sound, as long as you got skills and you can compete. You should have that right. Their robots don’t work either. The Applicant Tracking Systems were at 90% for “Large Companies” when The Wall Street Journal published their large company take on the problem in 2012. Individuals, and targeted demographics shouldn’t have to defend themselves against a spawn of evolving hater bugs every season. A stronger workforce of media in the Midwest, employing large numbers of African-Americans, would change the political and economic landscape of our world for the betterment of the local and widespread human majority.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture:

“As of August 31, we have collected 8,507 packages from 50 States. We’ve completed examinations of 2,410 of those packets and identified a total of 321 different species of seed. Overall, we have not found anything of major concern.”

We’ve never had anything like this seed dealio out before as far as I can recall. There are constant built in scams into the framework of America and we need to keep on the lookout for the ole and neo school trap shit. Not for Chinese people, commies, or some other scared, immature, classist racism. I can pretty much guarantee Chinese people are cooler than your people if you’re generically insulting China and Chinese people, communism and socialism. Seeds? No, I mean for the biggest scams – those started by citizens of the United States of America (EEUU). That being said, if if you’re not expecting a package, and especially if it don’t got your name on it, handle it as little as possible and get it out and off your property ASAP. These could’ve been biological weapons or explosives.

Amazon just won FAA approval to fly packages around. The Alphabet / Google, UPS and FedEx gangs are in on the drone delivery too. I’m all for it. Clearly, fighting drone delivery is not a battle I would not win. It’s the future and I hope it goes well. They won’t ever be able to use these everywhere, though. For two, they are the future in terrorist attacks, and folks will be knocking and shooting them down with various weapons to hack, steal and destroy them. I’m confident in us, though. They will of course say these scenarios are conspiracy or non-issues, destruction will happen to an extreme degree, and then more serious conversations will happen to prevent further disasters they are responsible for but won’t accept responsibility. Remember America is well known as being a proud reactive culture, not a preventative one.

I’ve gotten the fake utility bill callers a few times. Of course, the fact we have to pay utilities and it doesn’t count towards our credit score is a much worse scam than that, and it’s considered legal and just according to republican-democrat-capitalist law, but let’s avoid paying any more extra money if we can, eh? And how bout those auto warranty scammers? Auto insurance is a scam but far less than health insurance. Any goal less than universal healthcare is fascist. I found the lowest rate at State Farm for auto. They have the Drive Safe & Save feature, and I’m not sure if it’s the cause, but my rate has gone down each period since. I haven’t caused any accidents either but what I pay is still low-low compared to what I thought I was going to be paying for years. My health insurance should cost less – tire fees, carbon tax and damages from years of pain and suffering due to incompetent doctors, nurses, hospitals, and mass malpractice of healthcare workers (especially pre-COVID) included. Also, mechanics should make more comparable wages to doctors, as they save billions of human lives a year with their uniquely scientific craftsmanship.

Other possible scammers that might call you like they call me: unknown numbers that call and don’t leave a message, someone talking about an “Important Matter”, Asian girl super excited about something, collect calls from jails, credit card reminders, the IRS, and loan companies. Research more on Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection scams on their site. Just Google “Clifton Grefe Youtube” and this scam music group pops right up, as it has for years. Bing my government name and this mugshot scam pops right up, as it has been. I just tried finding that “Beef (rapper)” Facebook page and it seems to have disappeared. This was after repeated attempts of claiming it, getting back responses that I’ve been banned from the conservative-liberal platform. And then they have the audacity to say Basement Made isn’t one of the best platforms on the internet, as they add to the cancerous anti-freedom of speech pro-racist mass zeitgeist of the commoners. Scabber, scammer, slanderer – same difference to an individual. It’s an economy made for sensitive contrarian gender biased colorist tyrants. 

According to The State of Manufacturing In Wisconsin, published in May 2018:

“Further, within rural communities, the decline of manufacturing jobs primarily affected men. A recent research study links the declining employment prospects for men in manufacturing to higher unemployment, drug overdose rates, out-of-wedlock childbearing, and lower marriage rates (Autor, Dorn, Hansen 2017).” 

Like I said, we need “STEM” jobs, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. No more scams and whiny cunts. And if the current amount of jobs capable of being automated is anywhere near 73%, like they highlight in this document, de-industrialization will hit in another huge wave on the backs of Northern Men unless we create an ecosystem faster that elevates these workers to the top strata of the American hierarchy, regardless of what the political or economic system is called. They want the cheap stuff and also the racism, xenophobia and classism. Those are not qualities of deserving people. If it’s not made here or on the periphery, there’s a good chance it was made in China or on the periphery. We don’t get social credits in America, though. Many new jobs have been added to Wisconsin’s economy in recent years in the service industry, with healthcare and other office jobs, but no industry that doesn’t consider labor above itself is critically flawed for the functioning of human jobs and intersectionality, especially when there exists a plurality of objective definitions as to what is considered to require more base effort and stress input to receive x dollars of official government currency dollars.

“In 2016, the average wage in professional, scientific, and technical services was $31 per hour nationally, $28 per hour in health care, and $32 in financial activities, which are all higher than $26 per hour in manufacturing.”

I love our culture and one of the biggest contributing factors to our misrepresentation is the fascist PC culture of mainline/metropolitan America. In this piece, which I appreciate in other ways, from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Michigan Economic Center, they place the nativist, nostalgic, retreating people of “Communities in Transition” at fault for the “Rust Belt” from the beginning. They wrote in the intro, “This new Midwest thrives on brains, not brawn.” Sounds just like the “Latinx” and “My pronouns are” people – the “You didn’t have to swear” type. Their mishandling of power and privilege is far worse than anything a worker could ever do. And if we say we’re from the Rust Belt, or the Midwest, and we are from this region, it’s a flip. More options is good but trying to erase history or “fade” it away is exactly one of the most oppressive problems here. More than ever before we live in a “That was a long time ago” Catholic-Jewish-White-Black nation.

A “GI Bill for Workers” is like I’ve been talking about with the credits and credentials. We need financial and job guarantees, to hold employers, education and the government responsible, and we need it to start and maintain here. No, not just for “Frontline Workers” like it says in that piece, because that’s a big business tactic to overemphasize the importance of the healthcare industry in a grey nation. There is a long list of front lines jobs in America today that takes years off our fellow countrymen and women’s lives. We shouldn’t have to be at risk of catching The Rona to get compensated for doing the dirty work. And to be fair, if I’m allowed to critique those doctor and nurse people, I have to say they’ve failed me more times than I can count, when I had insurance, and when I didn’t have insurance. Too many of the secular evangelical pop a pill, take my advice and pay the price for the one true god complex types.

I love the healthcare people that do deliberately care and I appreciate all your hard work. Duh. There are a few who have been just splendid in my case. But subsidies until this area is richer, better represented and more mobil than the coasts and south – with ownership. Anything else is more fascist, and the war will continue to get worse. Some maps showing us where our state’s and country’s tax dollars are going geographically would be helpful. Along with those graphics, some with invention, business and trade information. I don’t think most people know where on Earth, location wise, their best intentions are going or who they align with idealogically. Too many political and weather maps in comparison. 

“The 14 mostly Midwestern schools in the Big Ten enroll 600,000 students from the region and world, employ 50,000 faculty, and conduct $10.6 billion in funded research, nearly as much as the Ivy League and the University of California system combined.”

If you’re asking yourself, isn’t that capitalism? The answer is yes, that’s fascism. Wisconsin should be one of the most celebrated and famous states on Earth for its working class alone. If you don’t know that, you are a slaveowner. The North is home to 5 of the top 10 states in agricultural output, 7 of top 10 agriculture producing states, Archer Daniels Midland Company, ConAgra Brands, General Mills Inc, Monsanto Company and muchos más. We are the Foundry and Breadbasket. And Research. Contrary to common belief, we are the biggest trend-setters, not the smallest.

“While Midwestern universities generate between one-quarter and one-third of the country’s new ideas, technologies, and talent, less than 6 percent of the nation’s total VC investment, which peaked at $84 billion dollars in 2017, is spent in the Midwest.”

The numbers are most likely higher than that, and lower. We power the country, quite literally and figuratively, and we have the least socioeconomic power. The Midwest delivers the innovation to start ups. They take it and run it straight to the echo chamber. Robber Barons, or Douchebags, as we commonly call them now, are to blame for this Brain Drain, which of course affects some of our best into relocating as well. We’re constantly told to Manifest Destiny here, from outside sources – to be a real one, hit the road and take rural flight. There is this Chicago rapper, I think it was G Herbo or Lil Durk, who rapped something like, “We have to move to your city just to get it,” because even if you’re from The Chi, you still probably have to find somebody on the coast through an insane process of genius and survival, and luck, before you can tell the tale of your own community (and of course get paid to do your profession at all, so you can handle your bills). My heart bleeds for The Go. Big influence, of course. 

We need to get immigrants now at least comparable rights to what generations past had, and keep up with the times, because if we don’t we can’t claim merit for our accomplishments. It’s not about “being nice”. That’s a cop out whine for globalization conspiracy theorists. Conversely, but not cancel out culture, we need to give preference, tax breaks and credentials to those working in their hometown, county, state and region. There should be no way a person can swoop in and snatch up a highly heralded job because they appear sophisticated or exotic. This is every day with the “I love accents” people that slam our sound for not being more romantic and sexy. Diversity of dialect and vocabulary on a proportional basis to the population is lacking, because we’re taught to talk a certain way, as are multiple language speakers, because we’re taught to speak English. 

“With today’s knowledge economy rewarding the most talented and best educated, the Midwest’s…”

Those speaking for us think that our brightest minds are somehow being rewarded at higher rate than before. This report was published in January of 2020. I’m still not permitted to make a living working in my profession or field, what I’ve studied the most, what I’ve succeeded in most in, and what I’m best at. I was overworked and overlooked for a promotion at my current day job for the federal government at the U.S. Department of Commerce, during the pandemic, right as the President of the United States signed the “Executive Order on Modernizing and Reforming the Assessment and Hiring of Federal Job Candidates” in June. I’ve been criminally harassed and slandered by at least 15 people at this office just over the course of this short year. Much of it has been for things I wasn’t responsible for and/or didn’t have the power to do. There were many days I had to take orders from the administrative, front desk, recruiting, field operations and IT departments – all at the same time. Within these five departments, I would often have 3 or more managers yelling at me to do something immediately. They’ve tried to break me time and time again.

It’s gotten better lately. They clearly had a Cliff-specific covert conversation one or more times that involved upper management. It was especially bad in the summer months, and then the whole gang started looking at me and speaking to me different around the end of August in to September. Since, many of them have learned how to make continuous eye contact, speak without pettiness and passive aggression, statement-questions and unscientific unoriginal pseudo-jokes, slowed or stopped this mass assault on their designated target, but at least two of them are still going strong (two of the youngest, in their 20s, one male, one female, both not from Wisconsin) after months of their lying and insecurity, scamming, misrepresenting, torture, racism, sexism, regionalism, classism, heterophobia, short complex, delusions of grandeur, multiple personalities, sociopathic disorder, social disorder, social anxiety, anti-disabled, anti-working class, anti-poor, anti-anyone who has faced adversity people – agenda. A lot of them here in “Liberal Madison” are this new wave form of what they overwhelmingly call Democrat, Libertarian, Alt-Right, or what not. For example, regardless of partisanship, they usually want us all to talk and sound as close to the same as possible, like their authoritarian forefathers, and to do away with the “old” and “corny” Upper Midwest working class accents, culture and ethnicity.

This is how they treat working folks, minorities, and ethnic individuals, using whatever machinery they have at their disposal to manufacture mass produced false realities that harm those they “don’t like”. Stans like this have always been around me, I’m sure, but it became much more noticeable when I took off with the “Coastie Song”. It really irks them that I’m a genius and I work hard but America doesn’t allow me the wealth that supposedly goes along with genius and hard work, only they stand on the side of fascism instead of the individual. And, as I’m sure some have inferred already, I’ve had to deal with these people for decades already – even before I became “famous”. These adult-aged children are everywhere, not just in offices, and they know the fascist tricks to maintaining. Doesn’t take a genius at all to notice one of their primary strategies: “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you”. We face an uphill battle, the aristocratic, oligarchic, nepotistic, monarchal nature of America and Americans in general, and this concentration of slavery advocates taking up positions they don’t deserve at the bottom, middle and top.

Many of these modern office people, corporate or not, are like a Boomer-Gen Z / Alt Right-Alt Left type hybrid ignorant. You know how sometimes you walk in on people spreading shit all on your name, actively destroying your life and future with fallacies, conjecture and immaturity, and then you hear part of it, they stop abruptly, not vocalizing what they were doing, wait for you to react, and then management does little or nothing? I’ve walked in on this at least 10 times. And if you’re wondering, yes, the majority of them do have a noticeable amount of the Coastie accent, and it’s a much less Brown crowd. They should all be institutionalized until they learn more of the hard qualities that makes one a legitimate adult. Haters, along with people who do less work on the job – regardless of formal education level or whatever – should come with a label or marker in the talent pool, so we can place them in jobs better, get them rehabilitated, separate them from those with ready value as to not taint the good blood, and then re-introduce the rehabilitated to jobs they claim or seem to be qualified for. Otherwise, in a perfect society, they will be doing the most difficult, lowest paying positions until they understand that effort and inclusion leads to production, not anti-effort and exclusion as their past/religion/personality/DNA exhibits.

“Today, employer-based systems of healthcare benefits, pensions, and unemployment insurance serve fewer workers than in previous decades. Moreover, what remains of the safety net has become ineffective protection for workers in today’s dynamic economy, leaving too many out and crimping personal mobility and innovation. For many communities in the Midwest to recover and compete, public and private leaders must rethink the worker-retraining and safety-net system for an economy of contingent work, automation, and demands for higher skills (see sidebar “Building and investing in talent: Georgetown, Kentucky”).”

Still think I’m crazy? Well, we also use the most Robots and are the most invested in Green Energy. Fears of globalization and automation are instilled on those in the working class mix from the unproven Napoleonic liberal elitist, and said fears are used as driving reasons to melodramaticize but soundly finalize the death of the supposed stupid low talent manual laborer whose best life revolves around serving others, donating blood, sweat, tears and jizz to the almighty kings and queens of tasteful prettiness and laziness. All arrows point to mass conspiracy, especially for Gen X and Y. Adding anti-abortion and racism to the Republican docket and pronounced NIMBY WASP policy to the forefront of Democratic concerns all hurts us hardy Midwest folk. The cutting edge employment policy of the 20th century from the area has stagnated since mass outsourcing, suburbanization, affirmative action and projects in the ’70s and ’80s, and with continued oppression and suppression of culture from coasties and gentrification into the 21st century, highly educated and skilled laborers like myself are at risk of getting snuffed out at every turn.

“If the region were a country, it would be the world’s fourth largest by GDP, trailing only China, the United States, and Japan—and ahead of large global players such as Germany and Brazil.”

Foreigners are coming in now and outperforming American financiers to manufacturing. Obama, Fuyao! GM started a joint-venture with Toyota in 1984 California. Here’s a question for Wisconsinites: Who’s sucking our blood more – California, aliens, or are they the same?

“Foreign direct investment (FDI) also plays an important role in creating jobs in the region. Several Midwest states are reliant on international companies for a significant percentage of local employment. In Ohio, for example, 54 percent of all FDI-supported jobs are in manufacturing, and wages due to FDI are 26 percent higher than the US average.”

They keep us disconnected, without high speed rail, air travel and internet.

“Only four of the nation’s 25 most connected airports are in the region (one each in Detroit and Minneapolis and two in Chicago).”

Adults don’t give a fuck about “premium” Canadian milk, the stock market or “Winning, winning, winning” right now, Mr. President. 

“Across all 12 states in the greater Midwest, only 305 of 1,041 counties (29 percent) meet or exceed the national average share of the population with access to fixed broadband or mobile LTE internet.”

They can’t handle woke rap from the core of soul and bass. Da Nort is the most environmentally friendly and leading the wave nation to a Green and Blue Economy. Wisconsin and Michigan are out front. A trust in oil and south over north and green is an obsession with pillaging and enslaving.

“Wind, solar, and energy efficiency have created impressive job growth in rural regions throughout the Midwest. In these regions, the number of clean energy jobs grew by 6 percent from 2015 to 2016 and totaled nearly 160,000 in 2017. That year, in fact, in the rural parts of every midwestern state except North Dakota and Kansas, more people worked in clean energy than in the entire fossil fuel industry.”

The Rural Energy Assistance Program (REAP) and Energy Efficiency and Conservation Loan Program (EECLP) help and so do countless others but we can always do more. I would never purposely discourage anyone for trying, especially when the goal is to better the situation of independent folks and ethnic enclaves. Of course, certain service industries are in the same category of emotion flattening bone crushing treatment, and particular operations in areas of manufacturing are lighter on the body, but primary production from the foundation on up is how civilization is built, and we need to realize this in as many ways as possible. I think this Weatherization Assistance Program is an awesome idea and critical for the Upper Midwest going into the future of energy. But again, we need to maintain our voice and prevent as much of this fantastical talk as we can, imaginative as it is to think implementing Green Energy over Fossils is either anti-production or easy as pie. 

“First of all, there are no Tesla-like, battery-powered farm vehicles on the market today that could begin to replace today’s machines in doing the heavy-duty, energy-intensive work of ploughing, seeding, weed control, and harvesting,” the authors write. “Electric-powered substitutes for today’s diesel-power machines do not exist — and even if they did, other problems would prevent instant and widespread use.”

The Green New Deal with Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 is a great goal that we can achieve. Electric Cooperatives like the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance in Minnesota and Dairyland Power Cooperative will continue to play critical roles in localizing power ownership. Wind is bringing in the vultures. Apple is joining Google, Microsoft and Facebook in Iowa, and they’ll hire as few locals as possible of course, and fish us across the border in Wisconsin like the border towns of Minneapolis-St. Paul and Chicago have done for my entire life, and when they have to, they’ll put them in the lowest most cut off places as they can get away with. Look out for more of this Basement-Hoarding and Border-Lining as remote jobs become more popular.

“Making a Murderer is actually a documentary series about the ugliest people in America, and they live in Wisconsin, so…”

– Tom Segura 2018


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