I’m the greatest rapper alive. Now, I’m sure herds of people are confused what I mean by “Rapper” when I’m not just talking about the rappity-rap hip hop emcee. I mean an educated, skilled orator, that has bigger plans than a mansion filled with wasted space, non-U.S. made vehicles, a couple stolen flows, maybe some cross-genre sing-rapping, a merch line and an imprint label. Like, Jesus Christ sounds like he was a talented political speaker. He had bars that spoke to a purpose in life. The designated gatekeepers of the American language vault do not – article, song, whatever – but somewhat ironically, they’re obsessed with conservative Abrahamic religion, which was set up in part to enslave the encroaching ethnic groups to the Mediterranean region – particularily the Ethiopians (Africa), Germans (Scandinavia) and Huns (Eurasian Steppe). It’s like their “Diverse” mix now of Baby and Curmudgeon, White Collar and No Collar, Coasties, Dixies, Foreigners, Multicolored Racists, Lazy Gods, Metrosexuals, Insecure Bisexuals, Traditional English-Americans, Baptists, Catholics, Jews and Atheists, Welfare Queens, Trustfund Babies and Rednecks. They’re just floating off the top on the surface level, whimsically grabbing at basic desires that have proven for thousands of years to not work, talking nonsensically of “the right look”, a “strong social media presence”, your “connections” and what a “healthy” lifestyle and positive “self worth” is.

They all do the “Shock Rap” and “Gotcha Journalism” like Eminem, whether or not they consider themselves rappers. He’s just ballsier, better at it, further North, and more skilled. He’s had all this time and money and still hasn’t done anything close to Basement Made for his community, though. And if you’re wondering, none of the famous people that talk about The Basement or rep The Midwest (or Midwestern City) have invested in Basement Made monetarily. That’s nothing from Eminem, Aftermath, MGK, GOOD Music, Kanye West, Prof, Rhymesayers, Lil Dirk, G Herbo, Chief Keef, Smino, White, Black, Brown, Christian, Nazi, Black Panther, Ninja, Alien, Girl, Boy – nothing. And not without years of effort. I had to learn the hard way these people do not care about things like talent and authenticity, justice and progress, merit, science, fact, social progress, civil rights, local community, and ethnic culture. There’s also a lot of unfounded anti-Wisconsin discrimination throughout the U.S.A. I also had to learn the hard way that rappers, almost exclusively, like other artsy fartsy Big Media/Big Tech people, are prissy, bitchy, hos. Remember when their camp blocked this photo from internet search, and everything of mine possible especially when there’s interaction between my name and brand, and one signed to a label, and Big Sean rapped in a song, “I can’t dap you without hand san, I don’t know where your dirty ass hand’s been”? Man, I really hope all these people aren’t frauds. At least their lyrics and vocal ability are generally more original as a result of being from this region.

But these lil boys (and girls) have been lost in opportunity and name recognition for so long, my effort or success doesn’t increase my chances proportionately enough to keep up with their partisan reach aided by preexisting system advantages, and they’re allowed to deny our existence because that’s what they come from – old money and big city – squashing out the stand-out up-and-comer by any means necessary. As a matter of fact, my followers on social media have been decreasing since I’ve been back to dropping more. Obviously, I’ve been flagged and reported and blocked by all the Karens and Chads they can find, I mean, I just got hit for “Up Not Cold” just 2 days ago. For what? Because I said “whore”? Only whores get offended by proper use of the word whore. And children.

Not so much for independence as egocentrism. It’s why rich people rarely have anything interesting to say. They don’t have attention grabbing life experiences unless it involves separating themselves from others using ridiculous amounts of money that those considered inferior to them have never had a chance in life to procure. You know how when they stop making fun of people, places and things, and then all they have to say serious is foreign something, foreign something, beauty queen answer, beauty queen story? No, they’re not “Keeping it to themselves” or “Being a gentleman”. They’re proud fascists and slavers with neat job titles and flashy toys and knick knacks. I’ve seen many more adults throw temper tantrums than under 18 kids. No lie. I haven’t worked with kids directly a whole lot (partially because I’m unfairly labeled racist, rapist, woman-beater and terrorist by their people), or have any of my own (as far as I know), but I’ve come across many more purposeful complainers of 18+ age just going about life. I’m embarrassed of the American Adult. I know I shouldn’t be. Some are alright enough. I’m not embarrassed to be American but I am embarrassed at how pathetic most Americans are. I don’t want to be but it is not up to me either. Please and thank you help if you can, times infinity. Zero people ever found success in society without help, including god-people.

But what’s better for their turn of the century regime of widespread exploitation: Giving money to idiots that will lose it all on dumb shit and/or invest in other hyper convenience and elitism companies, poisoning the minds and bodies of billions, lying, cheating, prostituting their souls for hidden agendas, or giving it to self starters, multitalented, students of life, with work experience across different industries, who have proven their plans can work wonders multiple times over? The enemy likes to say they’re anti-socialist, anti-communist, anti-anarchist, etc., etc., etc., a lot, but we know Americans were anarchists when they refused to recognize Native Law, especially, and also English, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish government. They were socialists and communists since the beginning, by policy. These “Pick a side” people that live life off stereotype dichotomies are also inherently Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Free Market, vehemently supporting a government that issues a monopolized currency to private intermediaries out of the control of the people, evaluated by a global and not local economy, before it even reaches the working folks – who almost never own part of the product, service or community they produce. We should be able to issue our own local currency and direct vote on all trade policy, domestic and foreign – if the goal is to open up the borders, redlining and yellow tape – and hit the bottom line for workers, and not for “bosses”, regardless of title. White collar and administrative paperpushers making more than blue collar and on-the-ground workers is a pyramid scheme. Fix it or more war, murder, theft, rape, molesting, drug abuse, arson, assault – for thousands more years.

I want to give a big thanks to everyone that has supported the cause – especially those that have contributed monetarily – because that’s how people who have to work for a living pay bills. I love you. Thank you Meghan Hoel for being the first to purchase Basement Made merch! You are my motivation and I will never stop. I want to take it to the next level, as they say. Not all hope is lost on maybe one day meeting a celebrity or rich person that is comfortable in their own skin, has learned how to speak for themself, and is willing to part with some of their not-hard-earned-cash for a long-term cause bigger than themselves. If there is a case where I meet one of these in-person, or they cover me, and they’re actively doing more than the very least of clicking like or share on people’s lives, or mentioning something in passing as an alibi for later, they’re not a two-faced fraud as a person, as shown over time in a variety of spaces occupational and recreational, I will finally discover there are consistently inventive, or progressive, unique, original, and so forth, people that work in writing, journalism, music, media, entertainment, politics, worker’s rights, civil rights, criminal justice, etc, and it has a future in institution. I think my favorites are who they are but that is not something I can realize in a moment or phase. Like I’ve said, in time, I want to bridge that gap between celebrity and non-celebrity, so we can finally get to work. For now, we keep pushing. I don’t love everyone but I do love as many as possible. 

But also, are there any media making people, other than myself, that could pass lie detector tests publicly, to the faces of a rainbow of wildly different looking people, explaining the meaning and context behind everything they’ve ever written and released? I know it’s silly, and “impossible”, as they say, but I don’t think many could, my having been through trial after trial with Madison, Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois, New York, Hollywood, California, just to name a few municipalities and states that have tried ripping me in half for being awesome on my way to my first ever job in my career field that I’ve been overqualified for the entire time. I hope there are, for America’s sake. I think I’ve met some solid contributors (in LA too!) that take art, communication, work and life seriously. I make mistakes. I don’t watch everything I say. I’m not perfect. I’ve changed, and all that stuff idiots need to hear. I could never ask for mathematical perfection from anyone. In fact, with speech we need the opposite and should encourage everyone to go unfiltered in a comfortable, productive way, and spend the time on translation instead of moderation. Play through one of these Dating Beyond Borders videos where they try to use the Google Translate App. Or the “Slanguage” show from All Def. Otherwise, keep it locked, cause I’m the best Intercultural Translator we got, and this ain’t some “He just needs a girlfriend” bullshit or listicle city. I’m like, the best writer ever. Holy cow I must be difficult to read.

Speaking of American trends in anti-art and anti-intellectualism, have you noticed how their squad tells/exposes their demographic based on their choice of music “genre”? Racists often designate themselves, saying “I hate rap”, “I hate country”, “I hate jazz” or “I hate folk” music. Idiots say “I hate classical” and woosies “I hate rock”. It tells a lot about how closeted someone is when they write off an entire “sound” of music, era, or type of instrument. Some of em even go so far as to say “I hate music” or “I hate his music”. As a reminder, music is a form of media, and music is arguably more influential than news media. It troubles me that everyday people say these things, but more that musicians aren’t considered politicians by default in a similar way to how news people aren’t considered politicians by default. Most of these dumbass artists/reporters are reading another dumbass’s words off a script, which means the process involves more than one person agreeing to the exact same words and broadcasting it, meaning their productions are propaganda by nature of the process. Music and news are spread in both branches of the same industry. Hip Hop and Bipartisan News tell us what’s good. The Five Eyes Global English Colonialism Spy Organization, exposed by Edward Snowden, tell us what’s bad. I mean, who better to tell us what’s really going on in the world than the most far removed from reality? The International Terrorist Group includes United States, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia. This is why we didn’t want the Patriot Act. They can’t control themselves.

This reminds me of the Bennett Law (Michael John Bennett) in Wisconsin, Indian Boarding Schools, Naturalization Tests, and how so many Americans are not only or just White Supremacists, but also English Supremacists. A more recent wave of the xenophobia hit the populous in the ’80s, of course, and this plethora of nationwide organizations behind forced assimilation took off. Check out U.S. English (DC), English First (VA), NumbersUSA (VA), and ProEnglish (VA-DC). As you can see, these language tribes are all located in the DMV area where law is made. While the Federal Government doesn’t have an official language, many states do, including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming. About 100 years after Michael John Bennett, it was William John Bennett, I shit you not – another Bennett – who took a hard stance against Bilingual Education, the Spanish-American League against Discrimination (FL) stepped in, and this sparked the start of English Plus: a more bitch made version of the previously mentioned hate groups. The English Plus people have passed resolutions in New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington. As often is the case, these folks had intentions of preserving bilingual education, which is great, but it has become another one of those Whitie+ situations like White Race + Black Race = Good Enough. Those of Central American Tribes should be able to embrace their ancestry as well, alongside the Spanish. This is one of those “More important than it seems” tings.

Hawaii was first to recognize other tongues than the imperialist one, enacting a law in 1978 to recognize Ōlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian). Alaska, the other state furthest away from the Lower 48, made 20 Native/Indigenous/Aboriginal languages official alongside English in 2014. South Dakota, the Midwestern state, added Oceti Sakowin in 2019, and that includes Dakota, Lakota and Nakota. This leaves the states that don’t have English, French, Spanish or any other Western European language as the official one: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Wisconsin. An interesting mix, eh? Not too sure how closely states, territories and commonwealths are related, but some of them have atypical situations as well. Clearly, America has a de facto habit of writing law in the dialect of convoluted “you better read the fine print” English. We don’t have to use “Legal English” though, and someone taking the Civics Test could just memorize the answers like the almost exclusive bro and ho composition of higher education validated by the various Higher Learning Commission institutions, and never learn how to speak conversational English like college graduates never learn to do their jobs well. How great would it be if we proposed policy in a mix of Ojibwa, Norwegian, Hindi, Sioux and Hmong, or some other mix, forcing them to sit down with people who speak those languages so that they have to at least listen to the full message told by a multicultural group with differing roles.

Peep dis 2020 map of states, not including Americas’ top 2 genocidal conquistador slaver languages English and Spanish. Wisconsin’s 3rd most commonly used language, according to this, is that of the ethnic Hmong people. Wadya say Joe, how about we work on getting NATIVE LANGUAGES IN SCHOOLS! Also, at least 1 class on local Native culture class, taught by a Native, should be required for all college students to graduate. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue, and there are now more Millennials than Boomers, according to Pew. Not that Boomer’s aren’t much more privileged based on a litany of a slew of factors, or they can’t keep up just because of age, but it’s not as much of a numbers game and adult-child dynamic anymore between the two age groups, so we (me and whoever is not a gossipy useless fraud) need to take action and make our voices heard throughout the land. There are at least thousands of people that have tried to get my life removed from existence, Basement Made removed from all places, and many more who have written myself and supporters off as ______________. They, whoever they are, will suffer the serious consequences eventually, and then our way will foster in the most efficient planet yet, as history has shown time and time again. I’ve earned the most valuable credentials in life, language and business survival, and they don’t exist. I’m the best rapper of all time.